Thur, 01 Sept 2005

Name: Ryan

Real Name: Gary

Reason to Join Piemerica: Why not?

Will you refer others to Piemerica? (If so Prove It)? nope

Will you send non-appreciative mail to people we suggest? sure

How often do you Drink Books? just like water, 8 recommended books a day.

Are you tired of taking this sign-up? of course

If Piemerica were a liquid what kind would it be? books...right?

Did you like/hate the mouse is a houseit's my bible

End? the

(C)? 2002 Piemerica

Date of Death(Birth); 9-11-01

Will you steal from us? no plms

Kajorb? borjak

Fystyndentilis aka Gary- The name Fystyndentilis may be some sort of inside joke because when Miltlostatic Okle saw it he laughed.
Gary portrayed Gary, (The Joe)'s neighbor on the night of (The Joe)'s campaign party. Gary was known about for being a great guitar player.
Emperor MAR remembers, "you could yell into his electric guitar pickup & it would come through the amp. I've tried that on other guitars but it never worked"

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