Ge-off Smythe
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008

Name: Ge-off Smythe

Real Name:
Emperor of New Mexico

Reason to Join Piemerica:
To spread the brilliant teachings of The Joe (location unknown)

Will you refer others to Piemerica?
Of Course

Will you send non-appreciative mail to people we suggest?
Only if you suggest the people

How often do you Drink Books?
I was going a little overboard for a while, but I'm down to about 2 a day...

Are you tired of taking this sign-up?
Not in the least

Will you thank me for the suggestion of this sign up sheet? No, but I'll thank you anyway

If Piemerica were a liquid what kind would it be?
Rich, creamery, butter

Did you like/hate the mouse is a house?


Date of Death(Birth);

Will you steal from us?
(Mandatory answer: No) No?


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