(The Joe) Legend

President of Piemerica

Writer of:
Lessons, Top 3's, Book Drinking Tips, Equal Non-Equal Neutral,
The Darkened reality of Real-Estate, nearly everything on this site,
& a bunch of other useless things

Skillet hats, Drinking Books, Milking Logs, Sake fork, Vaseing harvesters, the printing press (according to his autobiography)

Famed Quotes:
It SMelLs Like OATMeaL up in dis HoUsE AahH YeaH wika wika
What the Eat?
carpet wearing scissors Willet Cut? w-i-l-l-e-t Willet?
Favorite Journal Quotes

Book Drinking
Master, Former star of Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?

Alleged program day: 2/26/00

Original Meet Piemerica E-mail description:
(The Joe) Legend: President of Piemerica, Ambassador, Local Moron, Genius, Legend, etc.

This is one explanation that (The Joe) would give to people who asked where he got the name (The Joe) from his real name.
Example Drawn around November 2000

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