from the makers of

Heart attack powder



Borax Cola

before Borax ColaTM
Thumbs Up!

Cola Now with Borax

after Borax ColaTM

Dead Man

horrible death now
at a new ripoff price!

99.9% Borax
(the other .1% is Borax)

taking the incapacitiating substance you love
and turning it into something even more deadly
and horrible than before!!

"I love Borax ColaTM!"
" me!! I'm having a heart attack! ..... M._ _"
-Some guy

-another guy


(warning:  Borax ColaTM may cause a horrible slow death.)



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Written by Laslo PanafleX
Borax Cola invented by (The Joe) & Laslo PanafleX
Borax Cola is endorsed by Dr. Phil.