Some of the most inspiring things done by Laslo PanafleX. Taking my lead in Speech 1 we both turned in book work with incredibly stupid crap written all over it & the actual answers hidden on the paper & even more crap written on the back. The teacher gave us both zeros but the memories & laughs out live the grades. His & my papers inspired my D.G. Christmas Card & the Equal Non-Equal Neutral survey. It is also where the term Banana Towel originates.
Made December 6, 2000 (or so it would seem....)

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Laslo PanafleX | House

rock drick garden for throwing sharks at fence broom piano leg

did the savage get a beating?

1. I gives a baseball bat to (The Joe)?

line line line

bacon cox with A.I.D.S.

chair chair chair

17 baseball bats all lined up?

cowing duck

dog beat tree rake

brick scarf coat house throat end

!question of inteliline?

five days of sock/train lemoning with and moo.

blood type: 
fork preference: 
banana towel:
rock drick garden for throwing sharks at fence broom piano legLalso PanafleX 12-'ot-?A bunch of crapdid the savage get a beating?I worked for the city in o'+4?2.1. I gives a basball bat to (The Joe)?3. 1+2= MWA??5. what?line line linedrink a book52+61=9430glenn suxbacon cox with A.I.D.S.diseeeeese Jelly!2  4  6  MWA??and so . . . . . .chair chair chairTim LeVallee 12-6-00 (or so it would seem.....  2BSteel mill412Real Answers1. to gain attention2. bunch of idiots= don't say big wordsthe whole world= something importantchildren- talk stupid (like them)3. they make them belive what the speaker wants.4. it pursuades people's opinions.Teaher's Grade:  05. we belive what we say to them.discussion(Not important/funny)
distraughtFlake Saddle Harm -(The Joe)cowing duck17 baseball bats all lined up?shoewhere am I?dog beat tree rakeairplane? ------------>toasterthe pain of leaftrainbrick scarf coat house throat end!question of inteliline?five days of sock/train lemoning with and moo.?name:  age:  blood type:  fork preference:  banana towel: