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How Much do we really know about Laslo PanafleX?

Laslo PanafleX takes The Equal Non-Equal Neutral Survey
Old friend (enemy too) of Emperor MAR & (The Joe) Legend.
Laslo PanafleX is Co-founder of Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally
Laslo PanafleX helped found & create many things for Piemerica.
Although (The Joe) created it, Laslo PanafleX expanded upon Drinking Books.
Laslo PanafleX  coined the term "The Pain of Leaf"
Laslo PanafleX destroyed snapple in its entirety, and doing so he proceeded to set fire to it while listening to my name is mud by primus, a fine orchestra.
Laslo PanafleX was formerly known as (The Pete) but decided to change it after seeing this characterLaslo Panaflex the Spider
The original name was taken from an episode of The Simpsons who referred to Laszlo Panaflex singer of some song called "Dance to the Music" Many Google searches for him seem to come here.

Original Meet Piemerica E-mail description:
Laslo PanafleX: Foreign Ambassador, Long time friend
Tim LeVallee: Co-founder of Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally Original Member
Claims to Fame:
The Fine Art of Drinking Books
Story of Life
Flex in the Pan
Savage Beating Weekly
The Pledge of Pielegiance
Book Drinking Central
Disease Jelly:
Disease O' Jelly
Disease Jelly Script
Disease Jelly!
Disease in a Can!
Novelty Shotgun!!
Savage Beatings an offensive how to guide
Heart attack power 2000
Heart attack power 2000:  Olympic Sponsor

Borax Cola 1
Borax Cola 2
Kid A Advertisement
scary "statistics?"
retextafated accord
the best way to beat
the las is from
Made by Laslo PanafleX:
PanafleX ClassiX
P-I-EmericaTM News
Renderings 1 2 3 4
Pointing Guide
Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Idea
Contain Laslo PanafleX Quotes:
Enornal FouRnitude
Foreign Fornitude
Piemerican Fornitude
Enornal Twenty-Threed
Made with Laslo PanafleX:
Skillet Hats Speech Setup
Good Advice Script, Comic
To Kill A European
The Envelopment of Conquest
!Miles the? goggles
Inspired by Laslo PanafleX:
The Equal Non-Equal Neutral Survey
(The Joe)'s Flex in the Pan Agenda Remake
The D.G.'s Christmas Card
By (The Joe) about Laslo PanafleX:
Top 3 jobs to never give Laslo PanafleX
Alternatives to Piemerican Magazine
PanafleX Magazine
Journal:  Looking back over all 4 years, what is your favorite class? Why?
Fornitude Fourteenth- Old Classics #7
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Chair Chair Chair - PanafleX Classic

How Much do we really know about Laslo PanafleX?

Name:  Laslo PanafleX

Real Name:  Tim LeVallee

How Much do we really know about Laslo PanafleX?
answers not bolded

  1. What company am I currently trying to ban?

  2. Best quote ever
    "People Suck" -Andy Richter

  3. Most obvious murder(er) of all time

  4. What was the first slurquing container
    (the first thing a book was drinked (HUK) in)?
    paper cup

  5. What is slurquing?
    Drinking Books

  6. What was the main idea of 'Fine art of drinking books'?
    Drinking Books

  7. PanafleX's favorite band (best band ever)?

  8. Blender(s) are to liquefying books as Baseball Bats are to child abuse.

  9. Disease Jelly! Fun for kids of all ages 11 & under.

  10. Who is:
    Short chiq?
    Dead guy?
    screams like a monkey
    Mafia guy? works for mafia
    P.O.C.? Piece of Crap
    Monolog? opened Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?

  11. What is Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?
    (The Joe)'s Show

  12. What is a scoomb?

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scary "statistics?"

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