And introducing the new? book from
   Laslo PanafleX himself...           its


Savage Beatings
an offensive how to guide
It's Z chapters of pure crap!
They are:

Ch. 1Getting to know the fine art of beatings
Ch. 2forward (the history of beatings)
Ch. 3selecting a baseball bat
Ch. 9Glenn:  baseball bat magnet (his head at least)
Ch. 7beating styles
Ch. 26murderous beatings
Ch. Zafterward


"If beating people is wrong, I'll just turn to murder"
-who cares who it's from?

And the critics love it!
"It was horrifying""Worst book ever"

-New York Times

-New York Times

"It offended me .....ME!!""Hilarious....
except for the homeless being beaten"

-George Carlin

-homeless man