Number 7
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One supposedly from beyond the seeable stars.
Originally known as Number Seven the Immortal God of All Pie
The top of the triad of leaders of the cult Piemerica in fall of 1998.
#7 was often confused as Emperor MAR. #7 used a replica of Emperor MAR's body for earthly existing purposes.
As the story goes.. in very late 1998 #7 left earth & word got back to Emperor MAR that he "the Immortal" died during his space travels.
The end of #7 came from the desire of Emperor MAR to end the evil cult like status of Piemerica & push it more towards world domination (which it did achieve).

Quotes Credited to #7  -written by (The Joe) 10/15/00
"I've tried on many different soy flags but only one satisfies & that one is no longer around."
"Who says we can dance & prance & say & la & de & da & de da?"
both from the fake book Incandescent Bulb Meat

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