How Much do we really know about (The Joe)!

  1. In Piemerican Magazine Issue #1, Newest craze to hit (1st word) Help Link
  2. Original Pie Overlord business (6 spaces & a .) Help Link
    Pie Inc.
  3. The Greatest Book Drinker ever Help Link
    Laslo PanafleX [(The Joe) declared in 1617 no longer True]
  4. Famous commercial speech by (The Joe) & Laslo PanafleX Help Link
    Disease Jelly
  5. Famous word(?) from (The Joe)'s Great 1816 Speech Help Link
  6. One of (The Joe)'s favorite PanafleX quotes Help Link
    The Pain of Leaf
  7. ╪ What does this mean? Help Link
  8. (The Joe)'s old friend you don't know (except Laslo) Help Link
    The Dead Guy
  9. The quote is from.. "I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight." Help Link
    RADIOHEAD or Kid A Secret Book
  10. Image near Cloud Box Help Link
    of Scrib
  11. 1st 2 words in regular Equal Non-Equal Neutral Help Link
    Courtyard Basketsign
  12. Fill in blank ________ bat
  13. Best food ever (3 spaces)
  14. What does (The Joe)/________ Books? Help Link
  15. In Piemerican Magazine Issue #1 Newest craze to hit (2nd word) (4 spaces) Help Link
2000 & 2005 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by (The Joe)
Fall 2000
(The Joe) Legend
Highlight for answers.
A quiz made by (The Joe) which few people could get right especially since an actual Piemerican Magazine hadn't even been worked on yet.
Laslo PanafleX made himself a quiz which was similar to this one (Link).