Things I Like to Do

1. The Shaft phrase/slap/dance
2. Unexplained hallucinations about traveling backwards in time to be on the show Who's Line is it Anyway?
3. Dressing up like Elvis with an afro & singing Buddy Holly songs to a gangsta rap beat
4. Sitting in Chairs
5. Getting my leg broken against my will by-self
6. Making Scary puppets out of water
7. Doing things just so i can quit right after
8. Going into Michael Rodriguez's microwave & soliciting electricity to the food to cook it.
9. Climbing blades of grass Ha Ha Hah Ha Hah Ha
10. Drinking Luteburry Cornwasps
11. Patronizing inanimate objects with sticks of butter.
12. Smelling carpet with my forehead.
13. Using pine needles to rake trees.
14. Forcing Moonlight to power my 94MDBL2
15. Watching germs dance jigs.
17. Bury Dead Grenades
19. Licking Electrical 3-D paper
20. Swim inside of cement Blocks
21. Turning Wood into air
22. 438565

#'s one through eight written 9/20/99
nine through nineteen written 9/21/99
21 & 22 Written 9/23/99
22 on 9/25/99

All (C)? 1999 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally