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Created by Emperor MAR & (The Joe) Legend after typing the words The Ultimate Lawn Simulator on a computer screen & thinking Who? The Ultimate Lawn Simulator  Catastrosphere was the name chosen & minutes later the program Catastrosphere The Ultimate Lawn Simulator was created & put to use.
Catastrosphere The Ultimate Lawn Simulator was programmed November tenth of the year 2000.
Catastrosphere The Ultimate Lawn Simulator was hated b/c (The Joe) Legend was a loved & people wanted (The Joe) not the deranged Catastrosphere. Catastrosphere's program was new & unstable when put in unperceived situations Catastrosphere went haywire & began to feed on the hate he was given. Catastrosphere's first day in existence was horrid Catastrosphere was verbally hated & physically struck. All of these things Catastrosphere transformed into unhealthy power as he laughed maniacally at his oppressors.
After some time Catastrosphere was taken in for retooling & made stable but still had the underlying insanity. Catastrosphere was used to punish people who were deemed punishable. One occurrence was when Omaha Nebraska declared himself a legend. The new Catastrosphere was calm quite & reserved. Yet there were always 2 sides to him, the Gentleman & the Russian Tyrant, each of which spoke in their own voices.
Catastrosphere is the Secretary of War for Piemerica.
Kansas City, Missouri is what Catastrosphere calls Omaha Nebraska.

Catastrosphere Quotes
Flat faced souvenirs always throwing dolls at fear.
Exclusive Bonus? Poem
"The cameras are all on you, watching you. Sinking ravaged I stand in the yard. The future tells us so much, but only what we already planned."
"I'll tell you anything you want, just keep buying my bred. Ha Ha Ha..."
The MARS album sewn to part is based off of Catastrosphere's Exclusive Bonus? Poem

Catastrosphere Ads.
Catastrosphere the Ultimate Lawn Simulator
Simulating Lawns Even over ditches.
In Remembrance of The Russian Tyrant Catastrosphere
The program is truly improved.
 Your high class attitude encourages me to follow my dream & simulate lawns.
Never Have I seen a lawn so well simulated

The Least Ultimate Lawn Simulator
The Ultimate Lawn Simulator
I like "(The Joe)" better than "Catastrosphere" it's easier to pronounce.
It's all NON-Sense !!!

Real Music
Catastrosphere The Ultimate Lawn Simulator
Tyrants of the Deep
The darkened Reality of Real-Estate Episode R- Catastrospheric
Who Will I be Today?
Exclusive Bonus? Poem
sewn to part
Castrospheric quest-ion & Again I become myself.
Catastrosphere's Tips & Lessons
Catastrosphere's Top 5 unrelated things
Imperial Illuminator
Survival and First Aid:  A message from Catastrosphere to (The Joe)

A Photo of (The Joe) acting as if he were Catastrosphere.
Catastrosphere's Create-A-Wrestlers:  Wrestlemania 2000, No Mercy
3 Photos from March 20, 2004
Elevater Trace Cover

Vital Parts:
Ninja O' Meter (Brain)
Packalizer Multiplier (Nose)
The Great Mooga jooga Collector (hand)
Pressure Load Caterer (feet)
Sound Clip (Eye)
Army of Rubberbands (mouth)
Imperial Illuminator (face)

Lest Fort
Meet Piemerica (E-mail)
U- Omaha Nebraska is NOT a legend!
Egg/Muzzz mentions TULS
Non-Piemerican Profiles that mention Catastrosphere:  The Cobb, Casey

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Jeremiah 38:22
" They misled you and overcame you--
    those trusted friends of yours.
  Your feet are sunk in the mud;
    your friends have deserted you.''