Wed, 31 Aug 2005

Name: El Presidente Emperor of Piemerica for life

Real Name: Michael

Reason to Join Piemerica: I didn't join, I anexed it

Will you refer others to Piemerica? (If so Prove It)? of course, a dictator can always use more slave labor

Will you send non-appreciative mail to people we suggest?doubtful, unless I suggest it

How often do you Drink Books? not very often, they give me indigestion, I stick with rum

Are you tired of taking this sign-up? aye

If Piemerica were a liquid what kind would it be? A really cheap Vodka

Did you like/hate the mouse is a house? disliked it mostly

End? hopefully

(C)? 2002 Piemerica

Date of Death(Birth); 01/26/1984

Will you steal from us? Of course, I'm a dictator, it is expected

Kajorb? no I prefer Roast Beef

Owned Piemerica for about 2 weeks (likely in 2001) he actually stole it or fought a war for it. Basically he laid claim to Piemerica for a while which (The Joe) couldn't properly dispute for those weeks.
UH's inclusion in the Meet Piemerica e-mail partly led to the creation of Pieuro.
Older brother of }The Joemeister{
UH's name came from a hat he wore representing The University of Houston

Original Meet Piemerica E-mail description:
Michael Wayland (Uh): Owner of Piemerica for about 2 weeks stole it or fought a war or something.

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