Reasons Emperor MAR & (The Joe) have Worn Multiple Watches
Reasons why watches are worn
  1. Convenience:
    If I am using one arm to do something then I can still check my other hand to see what time it is.
  2. If my arm gets unwillingly amputated I can look at my other watch to see what time it fell off so I know how long I have to get it to the hospital for attachment.
  3. I can act like I'm wearing long sleeves with my watches being virtual cuffs
  4. I have two watches & have two wrists
  5. With two watches I can travel through time twice as fast as everyone else. What actually happens is I travel in two different vehicles going the same speed.
The number one watch wearing misconception or joking misconception:
That I wear two watches for the purpose of having two different time zones on them.
Why it is wrong:  I don't live anywhere near a timezone line so that would be quite pointless.
The only time I used watches for 2 different time zones was when I met Lori.

Watches Worn by Emperor MAR & (The Joe)
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