Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005

Piemerica's Sign up Sheet

Name: wisper

Real Name: Jodi

Reason to Join Piemerica: You are the hepest cats in
the world daddio 

Will you refer others to Piemerica? (If so Prove It)? sure

Will you send non-appreciative mail to people we suggest? prolly not

How often do you Drink Books? more often then some

Are you tired of taking this sign-up? maybe

If Piemerica were a liquid what kind would it be?
i'll get back to you on that

Did you like/hate the mouse is a house? Like

End? could be

(C)? 2002 Piemerica

Date of Death(Birth); 2 22 85

Will you steal from us? never

Kajorb? hmm

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