Emperor MAR's Creative Autobiography
In 1993 I came up with a superhero team, named Extreme, based on the X-Men toys and miscellaneous action figures I had at the time. I played out various stories I came up with. My first original character was created at this time. The character was named Electron and I used a silver Batman action figure (photo) which I then spray painted silver to portray him. Over the years with the toys, in comics I later made, and just in my mind Electron's story & powers became highly developed.

I continued to watch superhero cartoons and soon began buying comics and reading them, falling in love with the medium.

On September 26, 1995 I started working on my first real comic, titled Cats. The story was about numerous super powered cats with powers similar to the Fantastic Four and the arch villain was Peaches based off of my brother's sometimes annoying Chihuahua of the same name which we kept while he was away working. Cats was separated into one page parts with a total of 13 pages in that first series.

I went on to do a second series of Cats.. I began the stapled comic series, Blood Battles, based on a Lobo comic book I obtained. The first issue borrowed heavily from that issue of Lobo with it's weapons, enemies, and use of blood. The series also borrowed heavily from other places. The first two issues were independent stories where a group of guys go into a battle zone dying off until only one remained to fight the boss of the zone. Then later issues tied the champions together in battle. Blood Battles was my primary comics focus in 1996-1997 and ended around May 1998 after being a monthly series for a few months. Blood battles was usually 7-9 pages long, stapled, and with a cover. Blood Battles tied into a the M Comics 1 Shot series which ran in a monthly parallel in late 1997 the peak of my comics output.

With the first issue of Blood Battles my comics came under the label M Comics. The M officially stood for nothing but was also said to have stood for Michael Comics or Mutilation Comics. Around this time I also founded the pseudo company Michael Inc. (with my then 'trademark' eyeball i dot).

Cats in 1997 involved a full color remake of series 1 & 2 with extra panels. I also worked on an 18 page Fantastic Four Cats Spectacular giving great back-story to the Cats universe and bridging the story from a lost 1996 issue into Cats Series 3 which gave way to Cats being a 1 full page a day series (Daily Series). The Cats daily series legitimately ran from 11/10/97-10/28/98. There was also a one page a week, Weekly Series, spin-off Stretch The Lost Years and a weekly series unrelated Ninja comic titled Yule both beginning in Dec 1997.

At the end of 1997 I renamed my comics label Wiscers Comics in honor of Cats. I put out a M Comics credits book profiling all the characters from Blood Battles and 1 Shot in a similar fashion to that of the profiles at the end of Marvel vs. DC.

In 1998 I tried to start a new comics series based super powered beings from a planet called Wenot being in various groups and warring against each other. I created dozens of profiles for new characters similar again in Marvel vs. DC fashion. When I failed at creating the Wenot Wars series I attempted to take the Blood Battles series to Wenot but ultimately didn't finish that either.

In February 1998 I began my obsession with pie which led to me writing comedy primarily for the first time. First I wrote the Pledge of Pieleigence then I began working on two Pie Comics. These comics were my first major humor projects and had the first songs I ever wrote which were parodies of Gospel hymns & popular songs. I foolishly set out to make 3 issues of Pie Comics a week, a feat far too great to accomplish. For the remainder of seventh grade in class I joked around with my friends and wrote various pie related things which were thrown away.

As other projects fell by the way side (Blood Battles, Pie Comics, Wenot Wars) I continued the Cats Daily Series (often written many pages a day and far ahead of time) into a new series (I called an issue a series). The new series was Easter Egg (Cats Series 5) and it lasted and epic 68 pages. It had many battle scenes with egg and rabbit enemies and outer space sequences similar to Star Wars with the Easter Bunny's warship being called the Death Egg Star (also borrowing from Sonic the Hedgehog). The Easter Egg II series (Cats series 7) came about later that year ending the story with Easter Egg 100 & 101 which was a two issue, full length, Cats 3rd Anniversary Spectacular spanning 58 pages total in September 1998.

On October 8, 1998 I wrote a paper where I parodied America and used the name Piemerica instead. This eventually led to the adoption of Piemerica (fully known as Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally Oct. 28, 1998-Oct. 27, 2007) as the name I housed my creative works within. In eighth grade I continued to parody America with Piemerica and joked with my friends on paper and in speech about Piemerica warring with England.

Sometime in eight grade I began imagining stories of various imaginary bands. I would make fake albums with tracklistings and artwork. On April 30, 1999 I decided to actually start writing lyrics for the song titles and albums I thought up. I ditched some of the immature albums concepts and went to write songs for three imaginary bands (New, Tripple Seven, & MARS). I continued to come up with fake albums including tracklistings and artwork and wrote songs for them, totaling 187 songs written in 1999 taking up the vast majority of my creative time especially in November & December.

On September 5, 1999 I gave my life to Jesus Christ and became a born again Christian. In January 2000 God began dealing with me about the content of the lyrics I wrote. At this point I was still profanity in my songs. I began writing the song F.C.4 which tried to capture the rage, sadness and depression of my pre-salvation writing. God set me straight not to write in such ways anymore and it mostly filtered out with the final songs using any profanity being around May 2000. When I put my massive lyric catalog online in 2004 I heavily edited my songs from the 1999 era to remove profanity at least and also the pointlessly overt violent and sexual content.

I began collecting my original quotes and some favorite quotes into the first Enornal Fornitude which took place from August to December. I came up with other zany comedy ideas in 1999 several songs comics and lists. I came up with a fake television show & movie that I talked to people about which soon took on the name Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?. I wrote parts of a script for the movie and went talking about the movie and the show all around school until the end of 1999. At the end of 1999 I began a comic adaptation of the movie which I added to in mid 2000.


The first half of 2000 Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? comics & lyrics based on imaginary bands were my primary creative work. The second half of 2000 I took on the name (The Joe) and a creative golden age occurred in  Piemerica. With Laslo PanafleX as my creative comrade we wrote and performed speeches about our inventions of book drinking, skillet hats, and disease jelly. We also refined the Piemerica comedy style of innovative outrageous senseless in-your-face stream-of-consciousness comedy that pulls many a switcherooes. The avatar of this style was perhaps my writing of the song Equal Non-Equal Neutral meant to be the longest most pointlessly confusingly random song of all time. As a branch off from Equal Non-Equal Neutral I started writing (The Joe)'s Autobiography, a third-person comedy autobiography spanning several millenniums. I have worked on it on & off through the years. Several other new comedy songs came about in the era, some of which PanafleX and I performed as a commercial before our Disease Jelly commercial. We invented many dances and had much fun with strange, random ideas. Tae Kwon Dumb was also thought up in this era.

Not long into 2001 PanafleX had moved away and I was creatively left alone. 2001 was a fruitful year as I began writing informative comedic one-liners I dubbed lessons. Lessons, Top 3s, and Book Drinking Tips were a large part of my creative output in the first half of 2001 and I spread them about school telling them to people every time I had them. Lessons still persists to this day. In late 2001 I began a comic series called The darkened Reality of Real-Estate. I consider it my pinnacle in comic making with its intelligent, dramatic, & poetic humor. My last couple of years of high school had me writing journals for English class based on topics given. Unwilling to be either normal or unlazy I made wrote these with as much funderfulness as I could muster.

In January I started a Piemerica e-mail list which I used to send out creative material. It also used marketing/advertisement humor. I founded the Piemerica website February 1, 2002. From then on it became the housing and primary outlet for my creativity. The earliest exclusive content for the website was My Nonexistent Pieto Album. In April 2002 I started my tradition of ligit Lesson Mania Week. In this week I write and give multiple lessons for each weekday. Aside from the Piemerica Anniversaries it is the biggest event of the year in Piemerica.

With }the Joemeister{ I created Piemerica's first video game, the comedy RPG (The Joe)'s Piemerican Book Drinkathon. It was followed up by the epic comedy RPG (The Joe)'s First Book Drinking Fantasy. The dialog was fun to write and I got to use some game based animation and level design for comedic/artistic effect. These games provided a springboard into me making music as some of my first songs were made for Book Drinking Fantasy.

In the fall, with my good friend Joenan, I recorded and released (in the yards, sidewalks, classes, and halls of my high school) my first album, Piemerican Disc, featuring experimental & comedy music later dubbed Rock 'n' rigamaRoll. I also created the official Piemerica logo which would later appear on the album cover.

December 13th I released Piemerican Magazine #1. It was a long worked on project made alongside issue 2. I consider it one of my greatest accomplisments, especially at the time, because one person creating an entire magazine is quite unique. Many people have done the things I've done but this one is a rare feat especially considering the non-derivative content set in the land of Piemerica.

After 143 consecutive Lessons I moved onto having daily updates for my Piemerica site. I wrote original content for "Daily Update" at the beginning. It included short stories cut into pieces each day, fake news stories set in the land of Piemerica, an advice column, holiday/event posts, & much more. Piemerican Magazine #2 came out April 23, 2003.

In May I started making music videos for songs from Piemerican Disc. I made them a couple of days before I graduated High School as I had hoped to because video was the last artform I hadn't created in. In August I made Scrib, a 60+ minute midi song released on CD later that year. In September I had two more video games come out. One being the very brief and silly Pie Fun. The other being Greedy Ghost, a game with original float and collect high-score based gameplay.

November saw my first releases by MARS (Michael Aaron Reyes Songs) my solo experimental/electronic/instrumental music. I released a lot more music in December also along with a 3D animated music video for the song Cingle Sircle.

I made a tremendous amount of music this year, over 20 hours & over 300 songs. I didn't have a job during the full year so it was all Piemerica. I redesigned my I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight. RADIOHEAD site and based all of my music sites off of it with the MARS Web Site coming out the next day. I've been paid professionally using that layout as a basis.

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