(The Joe)'s Autobiography

Opinions/About (The Joe) - January 2001
Opinions about (The Joe)

(The Joe), I think (The Joe) is a little crazy but informative
-The Scott

(The Joe) is a wild one on a rampage he needs a straight Jacket
-Bill Bill Bob

I fell that (The Joe) is weird
-Dredrick Tatum

I have a seething hatred toward (The Joe)
-Miltlostatic Okle

I am indifferent toward (The Joe)

Once I felt his breast . . . it was warm

I feel that (The Joe) is the best Alien President ever on the planet JoJoLokeenBlac
-Sleeve Man

(The Joe) is the craziest
-Real Name

(The Joe) sucks!
-Bob Bob Bill

I believe (The Joe) is a fake! Ha! Ha! Ha!
-formerly P.O.C.

I believe you, (The Joe) is a fake! Ha! Ha! Ha!
-formerly P.O.C. If (The Joe) was on a scale from one to ten, urinate, or your an eight, or something. I feel as if the twisted mongoose has wheels.
-Mysterious Man I would like to hit (The Joe) w/ a baseball bat b/c he's one of those tree people.
-Dr. J I
-Omaha Nebraska

I would love to make (The Joe) into a biscuit, hit him with a baseball bat urinate in his mouth, and take a dump on my lawn with cheese.
-Crop Dust

(The Joe) is evil, George W. Bush is going to assonate him.

(The Joe) is the coolest person in the world.
-Spiderman It's Friday I can't think right now.
-Dudn' know nod'n about no pillow in the back pack

Quotes About (The Joe)

(The Joe) is a common sewer when it comes to drinking books, as well as book drinking.
-The Cobb . . .

(The Joe) is far to obese for his own well (not) (inhuman) being.
-Miltlostatic Okle

(The Joe) creates bars out of libraries, then Glenn is beaten w/ a baseball bat.

(The Joe) kicks @$$ with savage beatings
-Jon AKA Doesn't look like scary smile man man

(The Joe) known for savage beatings.
-Marcus / The Scott

(The Joe) can not get girls
-(-) AKA - Marineman

Vice President Piff

(The Joe) has 3 green shirts
-Awesome Hair Guy

(The Joe) stole my name. (the second part of (The Joe)'s name stole the first part of my name)
-Real Name

(The Joe) drank my only book.
-Omaha Nebraska

(The Joe) has a small baseball bat for personalized beatings. The psycho who cares.
--Dr. J

(The Joe) likes drinking books MAN!
-??? smile man

(The Joe) cheez wiz, you can't drink it, or eat it what the devil?

I do not know who (The Joe) is.
-Bob Jones

(The Joe) He hits himself for money.

(The Joe) I see him!
-da Beckster

(The Joe) is unique.
-Dredric Tatum

(The Joe) is imaginative.

(The Joe) is crazy son Q ^^^^^^^^^^

(The Joe) something real, and surreal all at the same time.
-Leukopia kia


(The Joe) drinks books

(The Joe) strikes fear into the heats of men & eats the internet
By #3

(The Joe) looks as a bookard who drinks books

(The Joe) dances a mean jig and loves to drink books
-Bob Bob Bill

(The Joe) takes napkins for hitting himself in the ^^^askh
-Bill Bill Bob

(The Joe) Seasons Greeting: Savage Beatings.

(The Joe) is a beautiful person
-Bottle of Sand

(The Joe) is crazy!!

He's been a great friend, and the most unique person i've ever met. God Bless
P.S. Keep praying.
-Omaha Nebraska

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