(The Joe)'s Autobiography
Chapter 2
Norvon Mac

   (The Joe) originated on the planet Norvon Mac where he, MAR, & #7 The Immortal were old friends.

   MAR met up with a space traveler known as #7 The Immortal, a close relative of his. MAR was a lover of the obscure food on Norvon Mac known as pie. MAR, like much later on earth, formed Pie Incorperated. After this pie became far less obscure. #7, looking very similar to MAR, soon became the spokesbeing for Pie Inc.

   Pie Inc. originally used animation to advertise but with its popularity growing MAR needed to face the public. #7 being called #7 but secretly rumored to be MAR, took place in the public eye. #7 took the credit while MAR, as he loved, watched all the pies come into his mouth.

   Once MAR was actually out on the town! Amazing right? MAR stumbled over, literally this kid, who was a small kid named Joe. No one knows where this kid came from but it is said that he somehow appeared into existence. MAR became a mentor to this kid. All the while #7 was left in charge of Pie Inc.

   MAR was an extremely strange being, by trying to cut himself off from interaction of others as to not be influenced & therefore being creative & unique. Joe was influenced by MAR however. MAR molded Joe's mind to his own but with some finer points highlighted. Joe was more efficient in public communication & being closer to MAR in nearly every way MAR decided to make Joe his new public spokesbeing.

   #7, after supporting Pie Inc. by himself while MAR was with Joe, was outraged. MAR tried to calm him& explain that Joe was just a more dynamic figure than #7 was seeing how Joe is in essence MAR in a tweaked manner. MAR explained that Joe would now become (The Joe) & be president of Pie Inc. as #7 would still be in ads with (The Joe). But what #7 hated the most was that MAR would make (The Joe) be secretly known as the real MAR & not #7. #7 found this unbearable & left Norvon Mac for good.

   (The Joe) was a huge hit with audiences but people continued to wonder about what happened to #7. (The Joe) was all over the news. MAR insisted that (The Joe) gain weight to be more like him. (The Joe) eventually got to such a weight that he was called "The Obese One". Although later (The Joe) got to the point where "One" just didn't seem right.

   MAR, thanks to (The Joe) & the previous works of #7 was the most powerful non-government related being on Norvon Mac. MAR wanted more than just Pie Inc. he wanted Norvon Mac too. MAR's "yes beings" filled MAR with urges to take over Norvon Mac. MAR put himself away in a pie filled cellar to stay away from influence.

   (The Joe)'s  problem with being so famous, was he could go nowhere without being bothered with his famous lines & actions. (The Joe) was torn up about it because he was better than just some creative staple created by MAR & himself. MAR eliminated his yes beings & vowed to take Norvon Mac alone. MAR started speaking with (The Joe) again. (The Joe) told him of how he has been treated by the public. MAR said "once we rule they will do what we say" (The Joe) joined MAR in the plot to take over Norvon Mac.

   One night MAR had a dream where he was in a strange setting. He saw a map of a bizarre world. He was sitting in a strange seat with a table like top writing something that mentioned a thing called Piemerica. MAR took the dream as a sign & wanted to rename Norvon Mac to Piemerica.

   The rulers of Norvon Mac heard of the insane plots of MAR & his desire to rename Norvon Mac. MAR publicly used Pie Inc. to encourage the people of Norvon Mac to follow him. The government took hold of the media & prevented any further ads or anything from Pie Inc. to be broadcasted. Pie Inc. lashed out & destroyed broadcasting devises saying "If we can't broadcast neither will you!"

   Pie Inc. was committing crimes & sabotaging cargo. The government officials were fed up with MAR & planned to destroy Pie Inc. headquarters. MAR knew of the plot & told (The Joe) to leave Norvon Mac because MAR had further rigged Pie Inc. HQ with so much explosive material that it would destroy Norvon Mac. (The Joe) decided to stick it out with MAR till the bitter end.

   On the day known as Tuesday the 17th on Norvon Mac the top of Pie Inc. HQ exploded. The bottom of the building is where MAR kept the explosive material. MAR & (The Joe) were near the bottom. As the fire worked its way down MAR tried to talk (The Joe) into leaving immediately before it was too late. (The Joe) still stayed with his mentor.

   A flaming rafter then collapsed on MAR. (The Joe) quickly came to MAR's aide but was not strong enough to lift the rafter. Even so the fire spread. MAR dying told (The Joe) to go & found his dreamland of Piemerica. (The Joe) quickly escaped into the pod that MAR had set up for him long ago. (The Joe) barely escaped before Norvon Mac exploded.
Soon (The Joe) was far off, but the perils of space had bizarre effects.

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