(The Joe) picking a mechanical carrot with a thought baloon.
Ch. Yr. Title
1 N/A History Before (The Joe)
2 N/A Norvon Mac
Millennium 1
3 754-774 Meat Loop of Celery & Beets
4 775 Pieraide
5 776-777 The Early MisterAdventures
6 778 The Dreaded Ankle Race
7 778- Piemerican Ecuador
Millennium 2
More Than Even I Wanted to Know
1487 Piemerica’s Little Sister
1555-1623 Book Drinking
1641 Milking Logs
1641 Once in a Lifetime
1642 TULS Tells
1642 Tech? No. Gotta Go.
1740 Sal The Easter Bunny
1816 (The Joe)’s Great Speech
1867-1956 Major Mayor

Millennium 2 - 20th Century
1906-1907 Sal Returns
1909-2 The Tasty Toast Tale
1924-3 World Heavyweight Champion
1939-2-26 Interlectural
1964-5 Thick Ice, Fat Man
1973-2-26 Siesta
Late 1980s Homes & Other Places to Live
Millennium 3
2000-2001 A Recollection of Book Drinking: The Rebirth
2001-1 Opinions/About (The Joe)
Spring 2001 A Recollection of Book Drinking: The End
2013 The not so Great Journey
2037 Commaing Crackers
The Book Drinking Saga
The Origin
Book Drinking
The Embarkment
Milking Logs
The Trial
Once in a Lifetime
The Rebirth
A Recollection of Book Drinking
The End
The End of Book Drinking
(The Joe):  The Name
Part 1
Part 2
(The Joe)
Part 3
(The Joe) Legend
Part 4
Greatest Man Alive
Part 5
Other Chapters
Easter Bunny Story
Other Biographical
My One Acre
My Favorite Tree
(The Joe) Writer of Lest Fort
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(The Joe) Gives Bootlegs the Boot
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