(The Joe)
Writer of 
Lest Fort

(The Joe) writer of Lest Fort

   (The Joe) man or male human being? (The Joe) asked  the great question that's been asked since 1946, It that simulated wheat goat is simulated it's not really a wheat goat is it?
(The Joe)'s current programmer, Michael Reyes, was mysteriously born at lunch time, coincidence? This happened twenty five years ago as of September 1, 2010. (The Joe) is a happy man, unto the extent of being known as "the happiest mad man who ever lived." (The Joe) is famed for his historic speeches such as: Skillet Hats Fashionable & Conservative, How to get to the front of a line, & Able to Camp Anvils?. Also famous for his Disease Jelly commercial with Laslo PanafleX.
Michael Reyes is famous for his Jesus Christ Biography Speech & founding Piemerica. (The Joe) now shows his versatility with the poem Lest Fort. Inspired by kitchen appliances & a particular incident, that happened many times, when he was shocked by his fridge.
The last 2 lines mentioning the stove were taken from the song Stove by Eric's Trip a band from Moncton (located somewhere on earth, Canada).
The song also inspired (The Joe) to write Lest Fort


(The Joe) writer of Lest Fort
Written as an accompaniment for Lest Fort
The beginning was taken from Equal Non-Equal Neutral & (The Joe)'s autobiography
This version is modified from the original paper.