(The Joe)'s Autobiography
Millennium 3:  Too Much Information

The not so Great Journey - 2013
  (The Joe) always wanted a soft sea brick to sleep on but the local Lego cooler said "no way." While traveling along on the back of an Eskimo (The Joe) decided to rake pull. "Not enough samon," said the Eskimo while (The Joe) tossed him a fellow shoe. As (The Joe) peddled on he noticed sentence don't leak a frame. Discouraged they moved on through the moon filled moon. The seaping Eskimo then said "When will we seal panomime?" (The Joe) replied stovetoply "I tine ever knomes." As the skittle ponded "no fin um net I feel mored" From that day on (The Joe) vowed "for the rest of my swing I will loft acorn."

   Like that fateful day when (The Joe) met the poison sales man.
"Can I interest you in some poison laddy?" said the salesman.
"Sure!" said (The Joe) "Hey! This poison tastes like poison I thought this was flavored poison! Get off my Porch!"

   Capeulussly (The Joe) moved on "saber each clown" (The Joe) said to P.O.C. when they were trapped inside that cup aped crab. "All I need is to be fed date gloves & I shall sake or green." (The Joe) said. Anklely (The Joe) painted snow tire with chains to wear as a hat.

   Boatified in sudden pig (The Joe) finally accomplished his goal of a new kind of popcorn, Poppear. Poppear lifted to astrostatical legions. People & cork alike rushed for his exciting new product, cube?

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Written by:  (The Joe)
Written on:  December 15, 2000

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