(The Joe)'s Autobiography
Millennium 3

Commaing Crackers - 2037
   2037 AD- Pindicated with logan berry (The Joe)'s long time friend P.O.C. suddenly fell ill, infected with canopy verandah disease. (The Joe) was encrypted. "I just elbow receive this was suit," said (The Joe). (The Joe) had to accept the fact that P.O.C. was boing. But medical genius & long time secret anti-Joe conspirator (The Joe) in the back ground "What?" Omaha Nebraska was still in jail for uncomprehendable malpractice. Heard here "Nurse I'm gonna need a buzzer, a UPC seal, some terminology, & a brain of  a cactus." But his Catastrospheric alter ego Kansas City, Missouri, best known for his creation of bottled planet, was free to help. Alas on his trip to the hospital he was arrested for his discromulent impersonation of a major American City & sentenced to ark in 2039.

   But saddle bones & photo loans weren't scribble fear to P.O.C.'s condition. Flash lights too big. "My ancient militious foreman used to say 'these goat seek is'" replied
(The Joe). And as predictably as it was P.O.C. finally, as we all have, bit the big quark. P.O.C. was so over joyed by this he sprung out of his hospital bed & ran like a chair lit to his cobble stone.

   At age 52
P.O.C. released his greatest hits [later redeemed as the worst things since bottled planet] this collection included Piece of Crap Jumps off a bridge 53 times, Swen of Foot, & the most nerve racking of them all, Commaing Crackers, done as a trio with (The Joe) & El Rey. Commaing Crackers was considered the worst single of all time as citizens rushed to burn record stores & bomb shipping trucks. War was raged on Piemerica to force them to stop the distribution of this which finally sold negative 36 million copies in 5 weeks. "Image was thrown at saddles until limping conception conclusively appendaged." said P.O.C. of this event.
   All the cash loss was made up when (The Joe)'s team of hillbillies recreated fire after 34 long years without it & then sold it to the civilians to use as a weapon against the P.O.C. album. The young children were so astonished by this thing called fire that within hours they rekindled all major antigovernment conspiracies from the past 8 thousand years. Yes, once again folks were plotting to overthrow the Pharaoh of Egypt even though he had been dead for over 5,000 years. Thus the number of morons worldwide went of 96 billion percent.
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Written by:  (The Joe)
Written on:  12/15/00 & 12/19/00

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