(The Joe)'s Autobiography Millennium 2
Tech? No. Gotta Go. - 1642

Awakening from the unexplainable pain (The Joe) stood now as two men in one. (The Joe) was now in a version of MAR’s vessel with a version of MAR himself inside.

“Now with me and my mentor as one we shall finally bring book drinking back and rule this world as we once ruled Norvon Mac.” (The Joe) said aloud as if it were normal to do such a thing.

“Yes I’ve waited hundreds of years being prisoner inside of TULS. Where is the nearest AudiOcular broadcasting station that we may display ourselves anew?” MAR spoke.

“This planet’s technology is less than that of Norvon Mac. We must go directly to the people to claim our acclaim” (The Joe) responded.

“Well if it’s going to take that long where can I get pie, I’m sure you’ve brought it here” MAR claimed to know.

“It takes hours, and obtaining difficult to find resources to make pie.” (The Joe) answered in an unfunny mode.

“Is this place just full of Luddites? That is it! I am out of here. I’ll be back when this lousy planet gets some convenience!” MAR yodeled. “About how long do you think that will be?”

“About 343 years” (The Joe) calculated, “Don’t forget to look me up some time, I’ll be around. Where you going anyway?”

“Wherever there is a quote stolen from a book, I’ll be there..” MAR plagiarized.

“Toaster Jar gud bud, I’ll miss ya” (The Joe) held back the tears as MAR left.

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Written by Emperor MAR – October 15 & November 7, 2007

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