(The Joe)'s Autobiography

(The Joe)


  Mysteriously & beyond the memory of Emperor MAR the character Joe appears in a Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Comic dated 12/31/99. It is possible that Joe was added later but even better evidence of a pre-Joe Joe comes from the Jan 4, 2000 comic titled The Secrets of Yore. Somehow it seems "Joe" existed in modern times before the story as it is remembered here.
   On Tuesday, February 23, 2000 MAR began to call someone Joe Piscopo. MAR didn't know much about the real Joe Piscopo but called the guy this anyway.
   On Friday, February 26, 2000, the 2 year Anniversary of Pie Inc., MAR went to Disciple Now with the Church he attended at its parent Church. MAR was befuddled at all the new people he was meeting & decided rather than learning & remembering their names he would refer to everyone as 'Joe' including himself.
   Well soon MAR as Joe became different from the more reserved MAR himself & took on what we now call a program. Joe was different than MAR in that certain aspects were highlighted in order to achieve optimum performance in certain situations.
   Joe now, formerly but still MAR, had gotten to obsession point as Joe & started talking Joe talk where most words were replaced with Joe but the nonword oriented aspects of speaking remained intact (he really knew what he was saying). Joe invited his long time friend & Piemerican Nick Kline (The Dead Guy) to Disciple Now on that Saturday night & came. The D.G., as he is known, helped greatly to usher in 'Joe' coining the term "Joestinguisher" (fire extinguisher). Soon others got Joe names such as Joenan & }The Joemeister{.
Once the day was done & the group got to know eachother better MAR would henceforth be known as Joe.

(The Joe)

Still everyone Joe saw was known as 'Joe' people didn't like it much but the plan was good. Joe would write Joe everywhere even on every page of his school agenda book. Sometime later in the year Sept./Oct. Joe became (The Joe) dropping the idea of calling everyone Joe, & making it clear before he dropped it he was the "main man". The parentheses were used ot signify that The Joe was not his real name. As (The Joe) he was a clear definite program different from MAR but controlled him. This image is one explanation that (The Joe) would give to people who asked where he got the name (The Joe) from his real name.

Example Drawn around November 2000

(The Joe) Legend

Around January 2002, possibly a bit earlier, (The Joe) realized his status now & declared himself better by becoming (The Joe) Legend . Omaha Nebraska was the only one who opposed this first but he soon was the truth. (The Joe) Legend is a mightier more powerful version of (The Joe) who even has his own pose. Although commonly referred to as (The Joe), (The Joe) is fully titled, (The Joe) Legend.

Greatest Man Alive

At the beginning of 2002 (The Joe) Legend realized he was, & with support of others, the greatest man alive. (The Joe) Legend is a simulated man & the greatest simulated man ever to live but at times (The Joe)'s title is extended fully as (The Joe) Legend, Greatest Man Alive.


In spring of 2003 Emperor MAR & (The Joe) Legend tired of the unoriginal name (The Joe) & considered dropping (The Joe) & becoming known only as >Legend< which meant:  Greater than all. Less than none. but it didn't not come to pass.