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(The Joe)'s Epic Lesson
September 16, 2002

When you ask someone "d'ya want to go sea a movie" & they say yes. Make them: get into a boat & drop a VHS tape, DVD, or BetaMaX tape into the water. Then laugh as you wasted everyone's time. Following that, brace yourself for getting pushed out of the boat. When arriving at shore realizing the movie washed up before you pick it up & do the same with another person. If you don't get pushed out of the boat, use a mop as a paddle. Realizing the mop gets heavier as it sops up more water bring the mop back in the boat & ring it out inside. Repeating these steps you should reach the falling out of boat part as above. This time say "lets go watch a movie" go to England to Rude Alf's Watch Making Shop & as the person says to you "don't go to sleep at night" have a pillow mysteriously appear out of thin air & go to sleep in the daytime. Waking up you find yourself in the secret cave of Batman. Wandering around, by staying still, you eventually become to understand it's the trunk of an auotmobile. Getting let out of the trunk you find it to be the year 2091 & you've been sold to the Good Teethed Mafia of England. In a clever Idea ask them if they want to go sea a movie. They stare blankly at you not knowing what a movie is. Throwing soap into their eyes you find them to be androids, being as how no Englishmen could have good teeth. Knowing their secret you now own them & procede to rule the world.*

* The outcome of this lesson can only be acheived by one. Fullfill you destiny if you are out there.**

Epic Lesson 2002 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally
Epic Lesson Written by (The Joe)

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