Lesson Mania 2
October 28, 2017, Piemerican Publishing, 3,000 Lessons, 228 Pages

Lesson Mania 2 includes over 18 years of lessons sorted by calendar date for every day of the year (including leap day)!
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Buy it on Amazon (I make less money that way! But power to the purchaser! I'll take whatever I can get!)
Lesson Mania! (the first book, released October 28, 2006, 1,000+ lessons organized by category)
Search it on Google Books (If you search hard enough it's like stealing)

Lessons rejected from the book - 206 lessons were rejected from the book & used to inspire 206 new lessons. This page has the rejects lsited with the better ones they inspired.

Proto promo front cover
Wrestlemania 2 VHS case that the cover satires. Uses same fonts on back.
Secret Book Stats:
3,000 Lessons
Last lesson in the book is from 6/30/18
117 Lessons were altered from their original version. Some as simple as adding commas, & a few reworded heavily. The Lesson month pages on this site list the original versions at the bottom of each page with the rewritten versions taking their place as in the book. And the annual lesson pages still show the originals on their original dates.

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