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Issue 1- Dec. 13, 2002
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Issue 2- April 23, 2003
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Issue 2.5- Feb. 24, 2007
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Issue 3- Feb. 24, 2007
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Issue 4- Feb. 24, 2009
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The History of Piemerican Magazine

Piemerican Magazine started as a joke written in my sophmore agenda in September 2000. Titled as Piemerican Magazine with the headlines Drinking Books What you Need to Know., Milking Logs newest craze?, & in-depth 'ot 6 review. in-depth 'ot 6 review was a written in by Laslo PanafleX at a later time. These headlines were made at the height Book Drinking.Piemerican Magazine Original Headline Concepts
The inspiration for Piemerican Magazine came from a fake magazine cover (The Joe) made in the Equal Non-Equal Neutral Artbook titled EveryThing was Personally Hand Washed by me. Which did include an idea which was later used in the Piemerican Magazine #1.
EveryThing was Personally Hand Washed by me
In 2001 Emperor MAR decided to create a Piemerican Magazine but one that was different from the one written in the agenda. The original idea was to do it like other things that Piemerica had done in the past & have it hand written. Rather than drawing everything himself Emperor MAR had the idea of using images from other magazines in a literal cut & paste fashion. This concept issue would become issue #2 & ideas written inside its stapled pages were headline & article concepts.
Piemerican Magazine 2001? Concept Issue
Around mid-June 2001 Emperor MAR had a low quality computer, a printer, & had gotten a clip art disc with an excellent desktop publishing program. With these tools Emperor MAR began to make Piemerican Magazine 2001? (#2) skipping the original concept of the one above. Piemerican Magazine was the first computerized project that Emperor MAR did.
Piemerican Magazine 2001? was to contain a place on its Knews page for P4 (Praying for People & Preparing them for Paradise) which was a Sunday school group Emperor MAR, Joenan, & }The Joemeister{ were in. }The Joemeister{ created its motto "P4 You."
Piemerican Magazine 2001?
After some part of Piemerican Magazine 2001? was made (front cover & much of the album review) it was decided that doing #1 first would be better. So work began on issue #1 using the headlines written in 2000 & some of the article concepts from the 2001 concept issue (Home is where the heart isJimmy Veltine Obituary, & Sheep Photo).
Issue #1 was originally going to be a folded issue (1 paper =4 pages) while #2 was to be full sized but there was no such stapler to accomplish such a task so #1 was made full sized as well.
Issue #1 Folded
A promo issue (simply marked promo in hand writing in the top right corner & containing the finished portions of the magazine) was made & displayed to (The Joe) Legend's friends Omaha Nebraska, Fritter, & others in late 2001/early 2002. Considering that Piemerican Magazine was still not finished in Sept. 2002 when }The Joemeister{ was leaving the lone 2001 promo issue was given him upon his departure. Another promo was made in late 2002 labeled the 2002 Promo it contained a unique cover, front & back, & also a special Issue 2 Exclusive (2 album reviews & the headlines).
Some of what was finished of the magazine was put on the Piemerican Magazine website before the magazine was released.The aggravation of multiple computer & printer troubles resulted in Emperor MAR giving up on the magazine numerous times so Piemerican Magazine #1 was not finished until Friday, December 13, 2002.Issue #1 Cover
On Dec. 17, 2002, as an assignment in Ecology class, Emperor MAR added the Issue 2 Exclusive from the 2002 promo to the end of his My One Acre project with a little extra. On January 26, 2003 the first issue of Piemerican Magazine was fully online.My One Acre FrontMy One Acre Back
As a final Piemerican Extravaganza before Emperor MAR left high school, Piemerican Magazine #2 was finished incredibly quickly & released Wednesday, April 23, 2003. It was sold to the Piemerica loving public (Egg/Muzzz, Real Name, Omaha Nebraska, etc.).Issue 2 Cover
Emperor MAR wanted to do a Piemerican Magazine 2.5 before leaving high school, mainly with an 'ot 6 Review & a wedding piece that had been left over since 2001, but the one week pressure was too much. Issue 2.5 was to be a mini-issue folded but again the stapler/folding issue was unreconcileable.
The Wedding Knews and Cob Veltine Report articles, written 4/24/03, are included in Piemerican Magazine #3.
Though there was concepting of an issue 3 in 2003 (including a furtherment of the Cobb Veltine running gag) there was no good reason to continue on in making one with further computer troubles & no printer or people interested.
In March 2006 Emperor MAR was on worker's comp and at an office job where there was little to do. He decided to start writing Piemerican Magazine #3 and wrote the majority of it at that time while getting paid $8.50/hour.

In fall 2006 work continued on Piemerican Magazine #3 into 2007. Piemerican Magazine #2.5 was released for completest sake and as a free preview of the for pay #3. Piemerican Magazine #3 was released for sale online on the ninth anniversary of Piemerica's foundations. Along with Piemerican Magazine #3 being released the Piemerican Magazine Website saw a redesigned relaunch.
Work for Piemerican Magazine #4 soon followed. The idea of creating Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? as an actual show gave way to many ideas from Piemerican Magazine #4 being used in video segments as well as advertisements and knews from previous Piemerican Magazines.
Piemerican Magazine #3 was released for free online for Piemerica's 10th anniversary. The following year Piemerican Magazine #4 was finished for Piemerica's 11th anniversary. Soon after its release it was placed on the Piemerican Magazine Website with extensive commentary & outtakes. Emperor MAR had a copy of #4 professionally printed out for himself.

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