(The Joe)- Lewks lek meev p lant werds erf.. ectly
Cops- The jig is up!
(The Joe)- I wuz dondering when 'ee was gunna stop dancin.
grab (The Joe) give savage beating
Are you alright Emperor MAR?
M.A.R.- No I'm not ok
holds back tears gub! looks at pimento cheese sandwich wait no. Yes I Am Yes I Am eats sandwich
(The Joe)- Leks like I finally gawt wudt wiz com'n to me.
Cops- Yeah but you won't be getting any mail where you're going pal,
I sure love this place Island!
(The Joe)- Budt wi?
Oh that's just what we call the jail of unspeakable punishment, makes it easier to catch criminals
Chief- Way to talk in unison boys
M.A.R.- O kaz!
holds up thum & winks

2003 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by (The Joe) Legend & Emperor MAR