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Issue 1- Dec. 13, 2002
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Issue 2- April 23, 2003
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Issue 2.5- Feb. 24, 2007
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Issue 3- Feb. 24, 2007
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Issue 4- Feb. 24, 2009
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Piemerican Magazine #2.5
Released Saturday, February 24, 2007
Originally Slated for Release in May 2003
0- Cover
1– Filling
2– Piemerican Knews:  Isle-Takem Wedding (Appears in Piemerican Magazine #3)
3- 'ot 6 Review (from Daily Update 2003)
4- Piemerican Knews:  Cob Veltine Report (Appears in Piemerican Magazine #3)
5- Piemerican Airlines Ad. (Appears in Piemerican Magazine #3)
02- Back Cover

Emperor MAR wanted to do a Piemerican Magazine 2.5 before leaving high school, mainly with an 'ot 6 Review & a wedding piece that had been left over since 2001, but the one week pressure was too much.
Issue 2.5 was to be a mini-issue folded but again the stapler/folding issue was unreconcileable.
The Wedding Knews and Cob Veltine Report articles, written 4/24/03 for this magazine, are included in Piemerican Magazine #3.
This issue could haven easily been made if it had used the 'ot 6 review & Piemerican Airline material from the P-I-E website so we went ahead and made it.

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