The Guy With An Alarm Clock For A Roommate

Nexus Green
- Main Character
- Nexus' Alarm clock roommate
Biff Repine-
Nexus' other best friend, the one that can actually leave the house.
Kay S. A. Ledter- Nexus' girlfriend
Chief Ellis A. Ledter- Kay's father & Chief of the Piemerican Officer's of Police Department
Alarma- Kay's alarm clock whom Clocky fancies

Episode 1 [7:00]
(Opening in Nexus's bed room with alarm clock going off)
CLOCKY:  Wake up! Wake up you bum!
(A sleepy Nexus wakes up & stares angrily at Clocky. Clocky's alarm stops)
NEXUS:  (Whiney voice) Clocky I told you before I'm not ready to wake up yet. I set you 15 minutes early so I can hit the snooze button.
CLOCKY:  Snooze alright, you give me that tired excuse every morning (Alarm starts back briefly) Wake up! Wake up you bum!
NEXUS:  Ugh, yes I tell you every morning because I was hoping you'd understand or care by now
CLOCKY:  Alright you deadbeat I'll give you five more minutes
NEXUS:  No, never mind I've gotta pee anyways
CLOCKY:  You've gotta pee huh? Well what are you going to spell with it?
NEXUS:  Laughs Oh, clocky
(Opening theme song & credit sequence)
They have fun all the time
But in the morning they fight & whine
It's the guy with an alarm clock for a roommate
(Cut back to Nexus buttoning up his shirt finishing getting dressed)
CLOCKY:  So it's Saturday what are you doing today?
NEXUS:  I'm meeting Biff at the O'Bligatory's Coffee Shop for breakfast this morning..
CLOCKY:  Aren't you forgetting someone?
NEXUS:  No no, Your birthday party is still on for this afternoon.
CLOCKY:  Well make sure you start it just before 3:00. That's when my girl wears that hot little number.
NEXUS:  Umm, alright. looks at Clocky Well I've gotta go Biff is probably waiting for me by now.
CLOCKY:  I'm gonna have to start waking you up earlier then because that theme song that plays after you wake up seems to speed up time somehow.
NEXUS:  We'll discuss that later, bye Clocky exits

(Biff and Nexus sit at O'Bligatory's Coffee Shop)
NEXUS:  So it's Clocky's birthday today, I'm throwing him a party just before 3 o'clock you wanna come?
BIFF:  Wait, you throw a birthday party for your alarm clock? No, now wait a second.. You know your clock's birthday?
NEXUS:  Of course he's my roommate why wouldn't I do and know those things?
BIFF:  When we were roommates you never remembered my birthday.
NEXUS:  Well Clocky keeps good time, if I don't remember he'll let me know. I can be sure of that.
BIFF:  Well I'll come but only if I don't have to stay awake.
NEXUS:  Yeah you can sleep. Clocky has no problem with daytime naps.
BIFF:  So have you invited Kay to the party eh?
NEXUS:  Yes.. actually I did & I just may ask her out on a date while we're there. She's bringing Alarma, her alarm clock because Clocky has a thing for her when she displays 3:00. That's why we're starting the party early.
BIFF:  Wait her clock doesn't talk too does it?
NEXUS:  No, I just didn't want Clocky to feel lonely when he sees me with Kay

(Nexus at home with birthday hat on eagerly awaiting Kay, Clocky is shown with a birthday hat also)
Knock on the door, Nexus opens and Kay is there with a present and Alarma
KAY:  Hey, I brought Alarma just like you asked and I also got a present for Clocky.
NEXUS:  Good, good let me take those and you have a seat. Places Alarma next to Clocky
Clocky: to Alarma smoothly Hey there, almost 3:00 I see.. You looking forward to it as much as I am?
KAY:  So is this it?
NEXUS:  Yeah, Biff is sleeping next to Clocky and I didn't know who else to invite. to Clocky Clocky you doing ok over there with Biff?
CLOCKY:  Sure I hear worse snoring than this every night from you
KAY:  giggles Oh sorry
NEXUS:  Alright Clocky are you ready for some presents?
CLOCKY:  Shut up, shut up, it's three
NEXUS:  So, Kay I was thinking after the party maybe we could mumbles go out on a date
KAY:  What? Oh, sorry I'm having my dad over for dinner tonight. Maybe you can come along and meet him
NEXUS:  springs forward in seat Really? goes back to relaxing Oh, I mean, that sounds cool baby winks
KAY:  Alright Clocky are you ready for gifts?
CLOCKY:  Sure sure it's 3:01
KAY:  Here's mine I hope you like it.
CLOCKY:  Hey Nexus get over here
NEXUS:  Huh?
CLOCKY:  I need you to unwrap my gift genius
NEXUS:  Oh right unwraps and places in front of Clocky
CLOCKY:  Hey a little rubber mat.. ahuh what is this for?
KAY:  Well I figured it would give you a softer place to sit. I know when I stay in one place for too long things start to hurt. Also it can keep you from leaving feet prints on Nexus's table.
CLOCKY:  grittingly You told her about that?
NEXUS:  laughs nervously Not now Clocky we have guests.. Ok Clocky here's my gift, I couldn't think of anything useful so I bought you a greeting card.
CLOCKY:  Not bad for a clock I suppose. Ok, open it up for me
NEXUS:  Ok opens up card and places it in front of Clocky
CLOCKY:  What is this? It's just a pop out hand.
NEXUS:  You have to pull the tab
CLOCKY:  Pull the tab? I don't have any arms you moron!
NEXUS:  Ok, ok calm down I'll pull the tab for you, watch pulls tab on card back and forth and the hand slaps Clocky repeatedly Slappy Birthday Clocky
KAY:  Oh that's cute laughs
CLOCKY:  Grrr! You mock that I don't have arms then you slap me in the front panel!?
NEXUS:  stands up and yells When I got you I didn't know you had such a big mouth so maaybee I thought that you had arms in there somewhere too!
CLOCKY:  You're asking for it pal. turns on alarm
BIFF:  kinda wakes up, then grabs Clocky and throws him out the window, turns to the side and sleeps more
Nexus and Kay stand up and gasp

Episode 2 [8:45]
(Opening in Nexus's bed room with alarm clock going off)
NEXUS:  turns on light Clocky please stop, I told you I'm sorry about the party, I have to go to work in the morning.
CLOCKY:  I know and I'm giving you plenty o time to get ready
NEXUS:  Errg, I can't take it anymore. Picks up phone and dials Hello Biff?
BIFF:  sleepy Yeah, why are you calling so early.
NEXUS:  It's Clocky he's still mad about his birthday party will you meet me at O'Bligatory's in 10 minutes?
BIFF:  Sure thing pal
Nexus hangs up
CLOCKY:  You dare call that murderer in front of me?
NEXUS:  Murderer? You're fine. You're lucky I don't do the same to you when you wake me up
CLOCKY:  Alright big man, you're really starting to tick me off! turns up alarm volume
NEXUS:  Puts on shoes, I'm outta here!
(Opening theme song & credit sequence)
They have fun all the time
But in the morning they fight & whine
It's the guy with an alarm clock for a roommate

(Nexus enters and sits in O'Bligatory's Coffee Shop with Biff already there)
BIFF:  You look horrible, and that 5 o' clock shadow..
NEXUS:  It's terrible Biff, Clocky has been alarming around himself.
BIFF:  Look, maybe you should stay at my place tonight, it'll be like old times..
NEXUS:  I would but I really need to resolve this with Clocky somehow
BIFF:  Worry about that later. You need to get your mind off of this.. I know, we can talk about the date you had with Kay on Saturday night. You met her father right?
NEXUS:  Yeah he's the Chief of the Piemerican Officer's of Police Department
BIFF:  Tough break man
NEXUS:  I don't think it was that bad. The only thing he did all night was tickle me with his hand gun. It was really a conflicting experience, laughing so hard yet fearing for my life at the same time. But I know he at least 50% likes me or perhaps more because I lived to tell the tale.
BIFF:  shocked
NEXUS:  Then I slurped my noodles right in front of them. Ohh, I don't think Kay will ever talk to me again.
BIFF:  Actually Nexus, I invited her to breakfast with us.
NEXUS:  What?
BIFF:  Well I didn't know you'd be so wrecked up looking and I figured she of all people would cheer you up. She should be here soon. Actually there she is now, hey Kay over here!
Kay walks to table and sits down next to Nexus
KAY:  Oh Nexus you look really worn out, Clocky still alarming?
NEXUS:  Yeah and you know what's worse?
BIFF & KAY:  No what?
NEXUS:  Yesterday, at least I think it was yesterday, Clocky wouldn't even give me the time of day anymore and hasn't since.
KAY:  Why don't you just flip his alarm switch?
NEXUS:  I'm afraid he'd never go for that, I could never touch him in that way, he'd hold it against me forever.
BIFF:  Look Nexus we didn't want to have to tell you this but..
KAY:  Interrupts You're clock can't talk
NEXUS:  Of course he can, you were there at the party Kay, and Biff you've heard him speak lots of times.
BIFF:  Buddy we mean it, your clock can't talk
NEXUS:  I've heard enough. I thought you were my friends.
KAY:  We are, but you're obviously not ready to accept the truth.. so well talk about something else for now. Umm, my dad really liked you.
NEXUS:  How is that possible he bullied me all night.
KAY:  Yeah he loves that. It makes him feel even more above the law.
NEXUS:  Well at least that's some good news. Did I totally blow it with the slurping though?
KAY:  Well if you would have blown first you wouldn't have had to slurp.
NEXUS:  Aww that's not what I meant. I've gotta go back home and get dressed for work. I'll see you two later. Nexus exits
BIFF:  What else can we do for the guy? I tried to bust his clock, you're father tried to scare him straight, we told him point blank that it can't talk. Any other ideas?
KAY:  We need to go to this house, unplug his clock and take it's batteries out. Surely if it doesn't have power he won't think it's alive.
BIFF:  It's worth a shot. We'll wait until he leaves for work. I've got a spare key. I can get us in.

(Cut to Nexus entering his home to get dressed for work with the alarm still on)
NEXUS:  Yells Clocky!
CLOCKY:  What is it now?
NEXUS:  My friends say you can't talk!
CLOCKY:  stops alarm What friends?
NEXUS:  Biff and Kay
CLOCKY:  Look I don't know how to tell you this but.. your friends aren't real.
NEXUS:  Aw don't put yourself down you did know how to tell me that.. hey, what?
CLOCKY:  Your friends aren't real idiot!
NEXUS:  But you saw them at the birthday party and you even got a gift from Kay, Biff threw you against the wall
CLOCKY:  Ok kid, you opened the door to the closet and brought out those presents and as for Biff.. you name your imaginary friends now?
NEXUS:  They are not imaginary! You're imaginary! You can't talk and even if you could I'm shutting you up right now! pulls Clocky's plug
CLOCKY:  You can't shut me up I've still got a battery.
NEXUS:  Oh yeah well I'm taking that too Angrily takes out battery
CLOCKY:  voice fades out
phone rings & Nexus answers it
NEXUS:  Hello
WILT:  Hello Nexus, it's Wilt from your carpool you coming to work today? We've been waiting on you.
NEXUS:  No, I'm having a crisis. I need time off.. to think
WILT:  Well make sure you call in or.. Nexus hangs up
NEXUS:  plugs Clocky back in Clocky talk to me, talk to me!

(Cut to Biff and Kay entering Nexus's home)
BIFF:  The door's unlocked. Nexus
KAY:  Nexus
They enter the bed room where Nexus is talking quietly to Clocky
KAY:  Touches Nexus Nexus what are you doing?
NEXUS:  I unplugged Clocky and took out his batteries, voice like crying then I plugged him back in and he hasn't said a word since..
BIFF:  We told you buddy, your clock can't talk
NEXUS:  But he told me that you two weren't real either
KAY:  Who are you going to believe your friends or an imaginary talking clock?
(close up on Nexus as he talks)
NEXUS:  I don't know what to believe anymore. Prove it, prove to me you're both real
BIFF & KAY:  We can't
(Pull out with no one but Nexus in the room)
CLOCKY:  I told you they weren't real.
NEXUS:  Hopeful Clocky?
CLOCKY:  You earth pets get crazy some times. I suppose if my planet was destroyed I'd be a little shaky too.
NEXUS:  But they were real..
CLOCKY:  Yes Biff and Kay got taken as pets too. In fact you have a play date with them this afternoon. I'll call Alarma and see if she can come over early with Kay.

2005-2007 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally

Written by Emperor MAR
Theme Song- May 11, 2005
Episode 1-
August 26, 2006; August 22, 2007
Episode 2- May 1, & August 26, 2006; August 22, 2007


Additional Info:.
Originally just a song which was released on the Rose Garden Dream album Wool Wolves