Root Pepper:  A Conversation

Emperor MAR & his mortal enemy on the bottom row of the bleachers in the high school gym.

Adler: Gudd day to 'ee
Emperor: My hands smell like fun soap!?.,
Adler: 'Ee used to much 'ot root pepper.
Emperor: Today yes yester day maby?
Adler: Dant 'ee speak apportant wurds?
Emperor: What yar  do yosse be talkesin!
Adler: What is 'ee
1999, & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Daniel Adler & Emperor MAR
August 10?, 1999
Making the Script:
A real paper conversation between my Mortal Enemy & I. A line from this conversation was inducted as Enornal Fornitude #1 in the original Enornal Fornitude.