Able to Camp Anvils?/
   What makes anvils so hard to camp?
  1. They are heavy.
  2. They are made of metal
  3. There are too many anvils now days.

   Since 19 'ot 4 anvils have been overstocked. In 2000, when (The Joe) created skillet hats, anvils were horribly maimed & made into skillet hats. Sure anvils could be put in storage areas but unfortunately no one owns all the anvils so paying is improbable.

   "We need a place to keep all the anvils in peace & that isn't expensives,"
said Monfar an anvil appreciator.

   Anvil camps are a way to do this. One problem facing the anvil pro-campers is tracking down all the anvils so they can camp them. This difficult task has been eased greatly when the main secret donator came up with an idea to run commercials on channels rarely watched. As few know, people who own anvils watch these channels. Because of this tremendous idea 30 anvils were recovered.

   "I have never seen such an anvil round-up in my life," said an anvil appreciator Monfar.

   "Anvils haven't been appreciated since 'ot 3. I don't know if anvils will ever be appreciated as much again," said El Rey anvil expert.

El Rey learned about anvils in South America during the winter of '99-2000.

   "Down there anvils are rented from camps to those who need them." he said.

   This is why anvils camps could be useful when needs come up, all can be supplied. Who knows, anvils may become useful again. All the power may go out & the whole world will be reduced to 'ot 3 time things.
    Noses of eggs are multiplied & houses filled with Merdogs.
But for now we'll live anviless hoping for a camp to put them in & wondering

Able to Camp Anvils?/

Monday & Wednesday, January 8 & 10, 2001



The story behind this speech is sort & long.

This speech was the last of the PanafleX era speeches before the Great Book Drinker left. This was the speech that nearly got us both kicked out of our speech class. What I think was Laslo's speech is How to not be Drunk before hand with My line speech & this one of mine caused us to nearly be thrown from the class forever.
My speech's quotes were thought to be fabricated & the characters made up. This was not true I named someone Monfar & told him to read the quoted areas pertaining to him.