(The Joe) Legend
President Speech

Legend has given his awesome speech for Student Council President (5/3/02).
Containing hilarious lines, awesome jigs, & Piemerican Mayhem.

Here is the basic speech: 

Are you tired of do nothing know nothing presidents?
Well I sure hope not because I want you to vote for me!
Last year at election (The Joe) was hideously discrased by a crushing & mysterious loss. Now (The Joe) Legend [pose] is back and running for student council President.
This is no ordinary speech like: nerd voice

"Um i will get better lunch & make it so we have more time in between periods"

No I will give the people what they really want (The Joe) of course.
In return (The Joe) will give the people the Book Drinkingest, jig danc'nest dances jig, year ever. Prove to the world that (The Joe) can become something.

Do the Piemerican thing:
Dance Jigs dances a spinning jig
Drink Books
Vote for (The Joe)



And now a part that Legend forgot to put in:

Tired of presidents never talking to you?
They just talk to the wall like:
" ey wall how ya doing today? Well I don't know ok I guess"
Then some one comes up to them and says,
"The wall is not talking to you. You are just bouncing your voice off the wall to make it sound like you are."
But if they said that to me I'd say,
"I prefer to say ricochet ing off the wall."


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Speech Written May 1 & 3, 2002