These are outlines on what I would like to do for speeches helping me decide which one I would use.


Use of Skillets as:
  1. hats
  2. wheels
  3. thick eye glasses
Use of Skillets to:
  1. cook
  2. bake
  3. give savage beatings
  4. fly
1. why skillet hat fashions are sweeping the farm side
2. skillets can be used as great built in speed bumps
3. the reliable metal skillets have to fly (crash)
planes is enormous
1. to tell how skillets make great hats

(easy, sturdy, reliable, plentiful)

skillet hats fashionable & conservative


slack jawed yokels

use of slack jawed yokels as:
  1. mechanics
  2. cotton pickers
use of slack jawed yokels to:
  1. not cut fist on screen door
  2. huk
  3. wear skillet hats
  4. invade other farmer's land
1. how huking can raise self-esteem in decent human beings.
2. their slack jaw will hold skillet hats better.
3. yokles are a very inexpensive way to build an army.
1. to show that when slack jawed yokels huk we feel more intelligent
& that raises our self-esteem
(the sound of it)

the laughing of yokels improve our everyday lives

? 9/25/00 P-I-E

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