Skillet Hats: Using Techniques for Introductions

Effective speakers create speech introductions that will both gain the listeners' attention and make them want to hear more about the topic. Select a speech topic that interests you. Write introductions, using five of the six attention-getting methods listed below. Remember to keep a specific audience in mind as you plan.

Skillet Hats
Slack Jawed Yokels
1. Startling statement:
Skillet hats hurt if worn too. long. Skillet hats can be worn fresh off the stove.
2. Question:
How many here have eaten food from a skillet? (Answer) How many have worn a skillet hat.
3. Story (anecdote):
of course in 2085 skillet hat will be square. way way way back in 2079 when savage beatings once again became popular.
4. Quotation:
"Skillet hats look best when accessorized with 2 strands of wheat in-between teeth, jug boot, & barrel with overalls over it" -(The Joe)
5. Personal reference:
From my experiences skillet hats are considered stylish by others.
6. Audiovisual material:
A skillet hat & vocal cords

Skillet Hats: Using Techniques for Conclusions

A conclusion should, in a few sentences, emphasize the key idea or ideas of the speech & intensify the emotions of the audience. Using the same topic and audience that you chose for the previous worksheet, write two different conclusions, using two of the three methods listed below.

TOPIC:Skillet Hats
AUDIENCE:Slack Jawed Yokels
1. Summary:
In conclusion skillet hats are the best hats ever. Skillet hats taste better than a 1.4682 year old flask. Skillet hats will win the world cup. of course skillet hats are very good hats.
2. Recommendation:
Skillet hats cover well, block the sun, block hazardous head injuring materials, & give that good ole feel'n of being a hillbilly. So hopelessly want one, even though you can't unless you make one.

? 2/2/01 P-I-E
Story:  An assignment (busywork most likely) in Speech 1 which I decided to base it on my Skillet Hats speech. I got 100s on both even though I made an F on the Skillet Hats speech itself.

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