Skillet Hats Fashionable & Conservative

From my experiences skillet hats are considered stylish by others.
Let me back up a bit or reverse myself.
Skillet hats started with (The Joe) after inspiration from Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokle.
But alas skillet hats were first introduced to the public on the eleventh of October 2000 by (The Joe).
Of course in 2083 skillet hat will be square.
You see back in my week all we did was sit around & eat.
Until skillet hats & all the childreen began digging with sharpened skillets,
No longer suffering constant savage beatings kids began to dig holes as punishment
but of course all this changed way way way back in 2079 when savage beating once again became popular.

But by then men lived in the sea.
Skillet hats hurt if worn too long.
If you ever fly on a plane that is mysteriously attacked you can use skillet hat metal to help the fly/crash improveably.
Drinking Books whip involves many complicated raccoons or maple log.
Like RADIOHEAD said "What a clean city. I am kinda sleepy."
Open your fork fill them with honesty.
Skillet hats can be used fresh off the stove.
Wearing skillet hats are the #1 cause of wearing skillet hats in the world.
In the past year 100% of the individuals whom wore skillet hats absolutely wore a skillet hat.
And if there is one major thing about skillet hats that thing is
Newspaper flippings & a glass pencil has nothing to do with skillets, hats, & even plastic chocolate floor drapes.
Skillet hats warm when out in the sun too long because skillets are traditionally used to cook.

This is the draft version, the final was lost, the primary differences was the order & that the speech ended with So...
Many of the events in this speech refer back to 2 Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Comics made prior to the speech. 1 2
My grade on this legendary speech was somewhere in the 60s which is an F & PanafleX's speech got worse than that. despite the facts that we invented Skillet Hats & Drinking Books

The Story of Skillet Hats
On October 10, hatday, during homecoming week 2000 (The Joe) decided for some reason to wear a skillet as a hat & did so. The skillet hat was one of
(The Joe)'s most famed moments in high school & in his senior year he once again wore a skillet hat.
The first skillet hat was a rather heavy skillet with fiber fill as padding & a stretchable belt that went over the top & buckled under the chin. The second skillet hat, worn October 9, 2002, was a lighter skillet & a multicolored clown wig was used as padding & the belt was still in use. On both designs the handle was worn in front to prevent the hat from falling off.
A (phony) petition was planned to go along with the first skillet hat with a sign taped to (The Joe)'s shirt that said "Alert Skillet Companies! That Their Skillets Are Too Big For Hat use Sign My Petition for Smaller Skillets" but the sign would not stay on his shirt so the idea was ditched. Click here to see a scan of the sign. The quote was later inducted into the Enornal Fournitude.
The day that Skillet hat 1 was worn there was also a powder puff football game which was outside &
(The Joe) wore the skillet in the hot sun & it got hotter! Footage of the first skillet hat was filmed by the school tv crew after it being demanded by a teacher that they film the monstrosity that the skillet hat was but it was never shown for unknown reason.
The skillet hat was worn for a third time as Emperor MAR realized that the one day of the year he could get away with wearing it in real life was Halloween. On October 31, 2005 the skillet hat was worn again. This version was the same as the second but with no belt. It was a hit once again. Emperor MAR even briefly went back to Munford High School with the hat for there his former church was having a Fall Festival. Emperor MAR was also able to get pictures of him in the hat.
Emperor MAR's Halloween Costume -October 31, 2005The Skillet Hat! -November 1, 2005

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Written by (The Joe)
with support from Laslo PanafleX

? October 5, 2000 P-I-E

"Skillet Hats look best when accessorized with 2 strands of wheat in between teeth, jug boot, and barrel with overalls over it."
-(The Joe)

Skillet hats taste better than a 1.4682 year old flask.