Official Piemerican Surveys
2000 2001
The Real Cheese/Fake Cheese Survey
Taken from April 12 through ???
Survey of 100 people

People who prefer Real Cheese:  59
People who prefer Fake Cheese:  9
People who never had Fake Cheese or Didn't Know:  13
People who would not cooperate:  13
Death Threats:  6

The people who liked fake cheese are not considered
to be human.
Zack Lowry
Dark Wing
President Hoetrain
Sleepy Dan
Nick Tatopolis (Miltlostatic Okle)
Sabrina Jones
Laslo PanafleX
Michael Cornelious

Making Toast in a Blender Good or Bad?
Taken from April 2 & 3
Survey of 23 people

Good:  7
Bad:  16

The people who picked Bad was because making toast in a blender is impossible.
The seven people who picked Good was because those people are morons.

The Official Piemerican Surveys
2000 & 2001 P-I-E
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