Lesson Comics

There was a special weekly paper (The Joe) made which included Lesson & the other weekly goings on. There were usually bonuses at the end of each week if the paper had space left. 3 different times the bonus was a comic & once it was The Horrible Truth.

The First was for the week of Feb. 12-16, 2001
The comic was Withered Postcard which was an original creation for the paper.
Withered Postcard

The Second was for the week of Feb. 18-24, 2001
The comic was untitled & was copied from a hand written comic.

The Third was for the week of Feb. 26 March 4, 2001
The comic was Sit in The Beef which was copied from a hand written comic in the Equal Non-Equal Neutral Artbook.

A man franticly dives accross the frame in the final frame & calmly says the word "Nudge"

The fourth week was of March 4-10, 2001
There was no fourth & the final paper which was the fourth contained a story that was written for it titled The Horrible Truth.

The Horrible Truth