2015 Chat Takes
Salman: are you this random with everyone?
MAR: No, I haven't met everyone yet. People keep dying before I can finish my list.
MAR: I'll just pretend you're everyone who ever lived, except me. Boy you sure are all over the place, one minute you're Gandhiing & next minute you're Mussoliniing.
Salman: yeah, I am also being blown up and get born simultaneously
MAR: ♫♪We are the world... but mostly just you♫♪

MAR: that is not how it works my dude
Salman: "my dude," never heard that
MAR: yeah & you still haven't unless you read it aloud
Salman: I read it aloud now

Nick: I empathize with you
MAR: Me too. I empathize with me. That makes me a good person right?

Lori:  Are you sure you're not remembering something else?
MAR:  I'm not remembering at all. I made it up.

Jhon10:   Have you ever played Oujia?
MAR:  no but I almost smelled one once
Jhon10:  Where are you from?
MAR:  today

Texas Marco Polo:  Where are you from?
MAR:  I prefer no regional bias be in conversations, but you being from Texas wouldn't understand that oooooh!

Texas Marco Polo:  I come to you in speed of microwave
MAR:  When it is set on 80 hours right?
Texas Marco Polo:  Yup

Court:  I saved a turtle that was in the road
MAR:  like hiding in a pot hole?

Captain M.:  And your name is?
MAR:  Nothing" "is" there 'is' only was & ever will be.  The present is an illusion fabricated by the past & paid for by the future.  The first time someone truly lives in the moment is when they die.  Because there are no moments, only momentum.  So when you live in something false like a moment you fully lose momentum & the momentum of your life ceases.  Or so a cartoony sea barge once told me.

Meowkaiser:  ikr?
MAR:  i don't know if you know

MAR:  How many Irish sunsets have you seen while in a cave?
Kangi Andrew:  None you?
MAR:  None unless sleeping with your eyes open counts, then thirty-six-thousand. Oh sorry I'm thinking sunrises, of course I don't go to bed before sun sun sun.

MAR:  It would be a real surprise if someone literally "threw a surprise party" from like a giant catapult or something.
Lori:  And what would a thrown surprise party look like? U know so I can be on the lookout
MAR:  People & streamers falling from the sky but balloons falling up into the sky.

You look young.. enough to have been born in the past 65 million years. What do humans eat now? I gotta keep up appearances.

Rider Drive:  Good luck
MAR:  That's just the kind of luck I needed! How did you know? Are you my bayou bouncing billy goat baton bro?

L Ren:  -face palm-
MAR:  That would be one creepy hand & so unsanitary.

M D:  Question
MAR:  I can answer those! :) Unless I don't know the answer :( .

MAR:  I checked & myiceweasel is ok with purple pens flying under Tampane Bridge mockups.
Char:  I actually have no idea what you are talking about
MAR:  No worries, I only have 1 idea what I'm talking about
Char:  really?
MAR:  Yeah but I lost it so I couldn't tell you what I meant anymore

The importance of punctuation inclusion:
M D:  What's your name
MAR:  No sorry, guess again.

M D: I'm more of a sausage person than a bacon person.
MAR:  I look more sausagy than bacony too, rounded forearms & all. 

M D:  How did you sleep?
MAR:  Horizontally

MAR:  I'm from an alternate dimension
Stranger:  No you're not
MAR:  Not alternate to yours, alternate to someone else's

M D: What do you define as rich?
MAR:  Yachty instead of Yahtzee.

M D:  Let's talk about how I burned 600 calories at the gym
MAR:  You set fire to a double cheeseburger? My gym doesn't like me setting fires, that why I don't go.
M D:  Ohhh is that why?
MAR:  Well that & it's not there anymore, it burnt down somehow. We had a meat lovers pizza party to celebrate it.

M D:  I'm driving in the rain.
MAR:  I was always the caddy.

Stranger:  Where are you from?
MAR:  Here or there, depending on where I am at the moment

KJ12:  You should write a book.
MAR:  Why? Books can't write back.

MAR:  My therapist says, "I'll be your therapist if you pay me."
MD:  Don't they all?
MAR:  Not the French ones. They speak French.
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