(The Joe)'s Book Drinking Alphabet

(The Joe)'s Book Drinking Alphabet originally appeared in the Equal Non-Equal Neutral Art book

Almost finished Drinking a Book.
Book Drinker is to (The Joe) as Drinking Books is to (The Joe)
Can't stop Drinking Books
Drinking Books the Piemerican Pastime.
Every Book must be Drinken
Frequently Drink Books
Gradually become an expert Book Drinker
How many Books can you Drink?
Inside the Book is where the Drinking flavor comes from.
Just Drink Books
Keep on Drinking Books
Love to Drink Books all the time
Milking Logs the key to getting great tasting Books to Drink
Never stop Drinking Books
Obese are Book Drinkers too.
Please constantly Drink Books
Quitting Drinking Books is not recommended
Real simulated beings Drink Books
Superman does not Drink Books that's why he's vulnerable to Kryptonite
Try reading a Book, fail, Drink a Book
Ultimately Book Drinking leads to Drinking Books
Very many Books are Drinkable
When Drinking a Book wear a Skillet Hat.
Xerox me a page out of your Book so I may taste it before Drinking.
You should Drink a Book before crossing the street.
Zoinks a Book to Drink!


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The Fine Art of Drinking Books
By: Laslo PanafleX