Aye, a grand Book to Drink indeed. Book Drinking

On the 13th of January 2002 (The Joe) decided he would write his own speech about Drinking Books to further expand upon what PanafleX had put forth but using Book Drinking as its title. Long after the official death of Book Drinking, this never presented speech was written.

Book = Drink. Book Drinking is like standing in a lamp with you're pile shut.
What's the edge? Camp on and slow your maggot tamer before it gets into control.
Book Drinking is much like telepathic showers cleaning a slot visor.

PanafleX rip-off.
The farm locking shut nil buster cannon rifle.
Stuck to the floor are the poor.
Book Drinking help5 logs get milked & knowledge
to get insained.
Close in on the rusters till....
Uh book drink uh book uh de book drink uh drink drink book uh de books.
Let's not forget the long last #1 rule of Book Drinking,
"Beat Kids" by (The Joe) & Laslo Panafle
The tall tree has gotten short.
cut it down, cut it down.
More book support.
Of course the major problem with this world today is that
Technology has given us the ability to be entertained in other ways.
This is not a problem at all & that's the problem people don't know this.
With other forms of entertainment
we can Ddrink Bbooks more than ever.
This is the only way to properly speechalize quickly & diversely.
No mistakes have been made that cannot be fixed.,2
Book Drinking is one of the great Piemerican pastimes.
Eat a pie.
Drink a Book.
I can't fill the world with ox feed forever.
Milking Logs is my favorite way to get good Bookardly goodness.
IN CLOSING either never
Drink Books or Always Drink Books.

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The Fine Art of Drinking Books
By: Laslo PanafleX