Drink Books and get a whole bunch of Money!!!Book Drinking Bonuses

Wondering why so many people Drink Books aside from the great taste?
No, we're not asking you to wonder we're telling you!

So here are the Bonus Reasons to Drink Books.


Drinking Books will help you to:

get learned
prevent excess eye complications
look like an idiot in public
look like an idiot in private (The dust will laugh at you)

More Bonuses Include

People will no longer call you ugly just stupid
The government will start tracking you
Mr. T will pity you
Libraries will now become Book Pubs
Humanity will disown you
Piemerica will embrace you
You will become sad
Finally you will realize how great life was
before you began to drink books
& love life all the more when you stop


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The Fine Art of Drinking Books
By: Laslo PanafleX