Want to look really cool in public & impress all your peers? Well sorry you'll look as stupid as this guy. Yeah, Drinking Books turns you into a pixle based being. But look at that technique!Book Drinking Top 3's
Top 3 Ways to Lighten up (not literally):
3. Imagine yourself drinking the sweet text of a book.
2. Refrain from Milking Logs at least 2 days a week.
1. Drink a Book
Book Drinking Top 3:
3. A Book Drink a Book uh de Book Drink uh Drink Drink Book uh dee Books
2. KnirD skooB
1. Actually Drink Books
Top 3 Reasons (The Joe) Drinks Books:
3. (The Joe) invented Drinking Books
2. When I was just a little boy I asked my mother what would I be she said I'd either bust crooks or Drink Books
1. I wanted to be part of the in. crowd*
*in. as in an abbreviation for insane
by J'Nan
Top 3 Things to drink a book with
3. Book (duh)
2. mouth
1. hands
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he Fine Art of Drinking Books
By: Laslo PanafleX