Don't worry we'll take care of it.A Brief History of Drinking Books

Have you ever wanted to know how Book Drinking began?
Have you ever wondered why we ask you questions, even though you could never answer us?

Well this is how Drinking Books came about:

The Origin:  click for full version
Book Drinking was invented by (The Joe) back in 1615. Before this (The Joe) tried many things to figure out how to use a book another way opposed to reading. To mass produce books to drink (The Joe) invented the "spout press", known today as the "printing press." After being publicly released in 1617 book drinking became very popular. (The Joe) was the book drinking champion but his reign ended when he was poisoned in a Book Drinking Competition by a leaf. Due to the dangers Drinking Books & the fact that (The Joe) drank most of them this period of time was never truly historicalized in books.
The Rebirth:  click for full version
Book Drinking was reintroduced by (The Joe) in the year 1+1998+1 as (The Joe) was shouting at Dredrick Tatum toward the front of a room & said "Why don't you Drink a Book" & memories were rekindled. Co-founder of P-I-E Laslo PanafleX expanded upon Book Drinking in a Speech titled Drinking Books Though the speech only contained 13% content on Drinking Books because
(The Joe) encouraged as such, it is the definitive document in Book Drinking history. Laslo PanafleX even after losing to the undefeated (The Joe) in a Book Drinking Competition is known today as the Book Drinkingest Man Alive with (The Joe) holding 2nd place.
The End:  click for full version

Book Drinking ended concluding Book Drinking Mania Week 2001. Even though book drinking is still popular today (it better be or we wasted this section like the others) it will never return to the insane obsession it once was.


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The Fine Art of Drinking Books
By: Laslo PanafleX