Ha! HA! ha! hA!The End of Book Drinking

If Book Drinking is so great why did it end?

Well this is how Drinking Books as it was came to a close:

The End:

   One Sunday morning at Church (The Joe) asked God what he wanted him to do.
God basically said "stop drinking books" (The Joe) was a bit reluctant & vowed to end it after a blowout known as Book Drinking Mania Week 2001, which spanned April 9-12 2001. The most Book Drinking Tips & Lessons in one week ever. An uncountable amount of books drinken. The Final Day of the week came around presenting heartfelt lessons & tips. The end was near.

   (The Joe) made a release ritual containing the Piemerican one-man handshake & the Book Drinking Rap. One by one he released people from the terror of (The Joe)'s book drinking obsession. Some overjoyed, some sad, some confused. With a mighty ritual he released all the public from book drinking but two. Being Dr. J (no relation at all) & himself. (The Joe) pressed maximum aggravation & annoyance on Dr. J. Once Dr. J was released (The Joe) released himself & Drinking Books as it was disappeared.

A Recollection of Book Drinking

The End of Book Drinking
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The Fine Art of Drinking Books
By: Laslo PanafleX