The Fine Art of Drinking Books
by Laslo PanafleX

Drinking Books came about one day in the 9th month of the year 1+1998+1.

Drinking Books is a fine art, mastered by years of constant savage beatings by (The Joe) & Laslo PanafleX or a brick, with baseball bats.

I used to say, "Keep the tennis down."

Books are great for reading, like Dictionary written in 3091 by a circus dog. That has the brain of (The Joe) in it.

Books also teach speechilization, but when not reading a book it should be drinked (Huk).

Of course when listening to Kid A your brain may explode.

Like RADIOHEAD said before "We plants are happy plants."

Books are not easy to drink if without a blender.

And, something something Drink a Book.

Had no Book Drinking or Mouse logging.

Drinking Books is the wave of the future for slack jawed yokels.

Mr. T Drinks Books too, so open the table & close the door on the lemon salesman.

Laslo PanafleX Drinks Books from a large fork.

(The Joe) Drinks Books from large skillets.

Glenn does not Drink Books, that's why World War 2 started in 19 'ot 6.

The steps on Drinking Books if...

tear off pieces of paper, from a book & blend it with nothing, oh yeah, and...

Coffee drinks itself with a plate.

climbing up the walls is a great way to Drink a Book.

HEAVY sack beatings up 900%.

Militias in the forest with raccoon pencil's & eye prying heavy footers.

Machinegy should not be operated with Ferris wheels.

My speech is about the fine art of Drinking Books.

It is a fine art, when used properly, can give good results.

Anyways....people have said to use the number 44 when talking.

But Book Drinking & plastic bottle hat dancing stupidly for unclear reasons infarm trees.

Scoop the shovel under the dirt & plague the street light post.

Television Book drinking on Hollywood washing machine.

2.5 kids?!? did they cut me in half?!?

Dumpsters are killing him, He's being hit with a table car?

I sure do love cable cars.

This speech(ilization) had no point, or did it?

Drinking Books can be a great thing, if you have a blender.

Also, The end.. ....

Speech presented October 2000
Written by Laslo PanafleX
with support & very small additions from (The Joe)
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