Want to look really cool in public & impress all your peers? Well sorry you'll look as stupid as this guy. Yeah, Drinking Books turns you into a pixle based being. But look at that technique!How to Drink a Book

Have you ever wanted to say to (The Joe), "You can't drink a book you moron, there's no way. What do you take me for some kind of idiot?"
Well he does because it is possible to drink a book.

There are 4 ways to Drink a Book:

1.Standardto simply drink a book as one would another beverage
2.Blended"PanafleX Way"
to put a book in a blender, mix with nothing,
blend it up & then drink it
3.Log Milked"(The Joe) way"
the best way to get a direct unmanufactured book
& even more Textable Accord

The Secret Way

This way is a secret because it seems to be the most legitimate way to Drink a Book also it is deadly. So for the 1st time ever The Secret Way of Drinking a Book.
Simply take some blank paper & put it in a blender with pure ink & mix.



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The Fine Art of Drinking Books
By: Laslo PanafleX