How time flies by? Really how!? I'm scared!A Recollection of Book Drinking

Have you ever wanted to know when in the modern world Book Drinking began to take place?
Well It's time to look back at the fond memories?

Well this is how Drinking Books back to Rule the World! (of obscurity):

The Rebirth:

   Most likely Drinking Books came back (although most say was founded) in September 2000. One day (The Joe) was yakking & speaking stupidly to Dredrick Tatum toward the front of his Theater 1 Class. Somewhere in the mists of all this idiocy (The Joe) said "Why don't you Drink a Book" & memories were rekindled, thus sparking an amazing idea.
   Some where along the line (The Joe) & Laslo PanafleX grew Book Drinking into greatness. (The Joe) founder of Drinking Books & Laslo PanafleX expander of Drinking Books.
   Time came when their 1st speeches where to be made. (The Joe) went with a speech on his famed invention Skillet Hats & Laslo PanafleX went with what is considered the best of all their solo speeches Drinking Books. The speech was a huge expansion on Drinking Books. Laslo PanafleX's speech contained a total of about 8-14% information about Drinking Books. PanafleX was kicked off mid speech due to gross incompetence (of the audience). Later he was allowed back to do a complete version. Although both Piemericans had totally original ideas for a speech both received F's.
   Outside of the speech people hated (The Joe) & Laslo PanafleX because of Book Drinking. "All we talked about was Savage Beatings & Drinking Books." said (The Joe). Book Drinking became a huge staple of Piemerican Culture especially to many wannabes. (The Joe) & Laslo PanafleX true masters of Book Drinking, Drinking Books constantly sometimes even standing at the bookshelf for 40 minutes. One opposer was Dredrick Tatum who tried to hold (The Joe) & Laslo PanafleX back from the shelf.
   Book Drinking competitions became huge again (The Joe) & PanafleX had some huge matches. One of which PanafleX was losing & tipped (The Joe)'s book & got text all over his shirt. Before PanafleX mysteriously disappeared he coined a new term slurquing. (The Joe) did not support this heavily but allowed it to go on.
   (The Joe), after PanafleX mysteriously disappeared, slowly closed down savage beatings & Book Drinking became #1. (The Joe) went insane with Drinking Books. In one speed competition in mathematics class against 3 others (Omaha Nebraska, Monfar, & Spiderman) (The Joe) busted his lip to win. "It was worth it to get that sweet bookardly goodness." said (The Joe). (The Joe) became a drunken Bookard claiming to one day create Book Drinking pubs, currently known as libraries. (The Joe) even went so far as to write the history of Drinking Books.

A Recollection of Book Drinking

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The Fine Art of Drinking Books
By: Laslo PanafleX