Enornal Thirteenitude
  1. Piemerica:  Amusing & Bemusing
  2. It's not fair it's carnival.
  3. I'm always on time because anytime is time.
  4. I became so afraid of failure that I started to plan my mistakes. I found that to be impossible because mistakes aren't supposed to happen.
  5. Emperor MAR's good time home remedy:  When sick stay home.
  6. I'd hate to be a grandmother because people would always taunt me. (nana)
  7. I heard this toothpaste is so good that it actually gives you cavities & then fixes them instantly. I also heard that they guy who told me that lied.
  8. I'm sure that you heard me but I'm not sure if you listened.
  9. I'm even lazier than that guy on tv because I sit in a chair. I don't have to balance myself.
  10. To chase the chaser also known as run in a circle
  11. I'd hate to be water because that means I'd have to run.
  12. that always reminds me of how to forget
  13. I thought I had a bucket for a while but then it turned out. So I had an inside out bucket.
  14. I don't take blame I just give it
  15. The one site that makes boredom look interesting!.. Piemerica
  16. If i had to eat a fly & i had a choice it would definitely be a butterfly
  17. I can talk my way out of anything even a paper bag if I talk all huffity like.
  18. Just heat and then eat!
  19. If it makes you feel any better...
    with something like this happening..
    you should probably feel worse.
  20. I tried to live by the saying "it is better to give than to receive" but it seems I was the only one who knew this because I was never given back any of what I gave.
  21. Someone recognizes me everywhere I go, except large abandoned warehouses with no reflective surfaces.
  22. I once interviewed an inmate for a newspaper but they didn't run the article because it was all con text.
  23. Would you die for yourself?
  24. I've never noticed that rail & sink rhyme
  25. I'm a lucky guy. Yep a lot of bad luck.
  26. sometimes tomorrow makes today better
  27. If I had a store in Florida & a hurricane hit. The next day I'd have a blow out sale. Everything that blew out the store is on sale.
  28. Pedestrian:  Pedestrians have the right of way take that drivers.
    Driver:  Oh yeah well pedestrians have to walk. Take that pedestrians!
  29. Paul is a nice guy even though I don't know his name.
  30. ahhahahahahahuh?

Assembled 3/25/05, 4/11/05, 5/5/05, 5/19/05. Organized 5/20/05
All written by Emperor MAR

2005 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally
Except #2 which is an oldie & #28 which is from Oct. 2001

Enornal Fornitude Published by: P-I-G-S