Fornitude Fourteenth
Part I
  1. Ego My Lego. Yummmm!
  2. Horses never appear in my dreams so I don't have night mares
  3. It seems like you would need a plane to get to an airport.
  4. The long arm of the law didn't catch up with me. Yes it is that long!
  5. Double u or single m? w W
  6. R4: fall better than winter..
    Emperor MAR: not for the color blind
  7. maXtreme, I'd eal, vocalabulary
  8. "Have a great day!" said the depressed man to the calendar.
  9. It is none of your business where I went because you didn't ask about it.
  10. I'm as poor as an open door
  11. Two rockers get together & rock until they rock in rocking chairs decades later.

    From 2004
    1. I will never understand how board games entertain people
    2. http sounds like stuttering
    3. I rip cds because I'm stron but not strong enough for the g.
    4. I didn't want to be selfish so I left the I out of frends
    5. Bad Soda Machine: "I can't change."
    6. I'm not a poet. I'm a poeman.
Part II
  1. Hey I'll give you another dollar if you.. whoops -Egg/Muzzz
  2. You've gotta see my stand up act. Yes I act like I'm funny when I'm actually not.
  3. I went to Paris
    Yes everything is bigger in Texas
  4. Being selfish is being like yourself or liking yourself too much
  5. I don't make excuses, I just use them.
  6. I'm too responsible to lose weight.
  7. I can roll my eyes in the back of my head if I get hit get hard enough
  8. I bet you don't lose a lot of bets!
  9. shhh don't tell yourself -R4
  10. Are real lies the truth?
  11. If I had amnesia how would I remember?
  12. I'm not growing up I'm just growing old
  13. Emperor MAR on being a Christian:
    I like to save the best for last that is why I'm glad death comes last.

    Old Classics
    1. Sometimes I think I have two hearts because I just feel too much.
    2. They say you can't trust a skinny chef but I say you can't trust a fat chef because he eats all the good ingredients
    3. You should visit my Spider Vision
    4. If a car ran me over I'd be sad to see it go.
    5. Sorry I accidentally did that on purpose.
    6. Idea for the library's slogan:  Check it out!
    7. Beating Kids is funny.
      Bill Cosby knew it.
      Sinbad knew it.
      Bernie Mac knows it.
      Laslo PanafleX knows it.
      And (The Joe) knows it.

Assembled & Organized June 20, 2005.
Part I & Part II written by Emperor MAR, Egg/Muzzz, & R4
From 2004 written by Emperor MAR
Old Classics written by (The Joe) Legend & Emperor MAR

From 2004 #1 & #6 from 2004, #2-5 from November 7, 2004
Part I & Part II from 2005
Old Classics: #1 from about 2002 , #2 thought of June 30, 2000 at Life Way Block Party, #3 from 2002, #4 based on April 11, 2002 lesson, #5 goes back to the 20th century, #6 & #7 are from around 2000

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Enornal Fornitude Published by: P-I-G-S