Eighteenal Fornitude
The Rest.
   1. I'm not a movie buff because DVDs are shiny enough already.
   2. When it comes to noses my finger is really picky.
   3. I only lock my keys in my car when I'm driving.
   4. I'm off my rocker because I'm standing up.
   5. I like my music to be reel low so I can get it into the boat easier.
   6. I only buy things like me.. cheap.
   7. That guy right there drives like me.. in a car.
   8. I don't mumble I just breathe creatively.
   9. It was too much which is more than one much. It was like much much.
  10. Sometimes when I see myself in the mirror I wonder if I really was bitten by that vampire.
  11. Have you ever noticed when... well I guess I haven't noticed either

   1. Beans always fill up my gas tank.
   2. I never cry over spilt milk. I always cry under spilt milk because that means the milk spilt on me.
   3. No one ever knows I'm hungry because I always look full
   4. These egg whites are not all they're cracked up to be. -Empress Lori
   5. My stomach is not in mint condition because I haven't eaten any mints lately.
   6. Technically I never eat dinner I only eat Breakfast & lunch but at odd times during the day. If that is how the food mill works.

   1. I'm so broke I don't even have the time of day.
   2. I had a baby face but it grew up.
   3. I used to go to school with two girls named Paige. When the teacher would take attendance she would always skip Paiges.
   4. I'm as weak as a month. Yeah like four times weak.
   5. I like to see what time it is, but time keeps moving so it keeps me interested and I never get anything done.
   6. Instead of talking non-stop I talk non-start except in the case of which I am talking right now.
   7. It was so hot today that when it started raining I just thought the sky was sweating.
   8. I've got a photographic memory & it's on my digital camera.
   9. I spent hours & hours looking. I found it to be in the most obvious place. It was in my line of sight.
  10. Kids grow up so fast these days it's amazing they don't become giants.
  11. I'll get you & it'll be the last thing you do.

Final Assembly & Organization June 20, 2006.
All written by Emperor MAR in 2006 unless noted.

2006 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally
Enornal Fornitude Published by: P-I-G-S